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Tuesday 31st May: DAY 1 CONFERENCE PROGRAMME - Keynote Day


08:40-08:50 Welcome to NDC2016: Mike Vickery, Nuclear Energy Insider

08:50-09:00 Chairman’s Welcome: Gareth Davies, Nuclear Industry Association

Session 1: European Nuclear Decommissioning Case Studies

09:00-09:30 EnBW Decommissioning Strategy

  • Gain an insight into the preparation for final shut-down of NNPs and end-of-life management at GKN II + KKP 2
  • Understand the decommissioning preparation for NNPs and the decommissioning strategies being developed at GKN I + KKP 1
  • Discover the successful execution of NPP decommissioning and the key success factors at KWO

Jörg Klasen, Director Nuclear Decommissioning Services, EnBW Kernkraft

09:30-10:00 Vattenfall nuclear decommissioning programme in Sweden and Germany

  • Get an update on Vattenfall’s latest preparations ahead of the nuclear decommissioning programme in Sweden and Germany
  • Understand the decommissioning work in progress, key timelines and schedule for Vattenfall’s decommissioning programme
  • Discover the plans and processes put in place to ensure a smooth transition from operations to decommissioning

Gerard Jacquemin, Senior Procurement Advisor Nuclear Decommissioning, Vattenfall

10:00-10:30 Looking ahead to France’s PWR decommissioning

  • Discover the progress and feedback experience for the decommissioning programme at Chooz A in France
  • Understand how EDF plan to maximise efficiency of the 58 PWR reactors to be decommissioned in France
  • Analyse EDF’s fleet wide approach to decommissioning and waste management and how this will help to increase efficiency

Frédéric Magloire, Chief Technical Officer Chooz A Project, EDF Decommissioning and Waste Management


11:00-12:00 Panel session: new build vs existing fleet - managing decommissioning costs

  • Hear from key stakeholders within the NDA estate and take away key lessons learned from current decommissioning work
  • Understand how new build projects will use benchmarking for future decommissioning work and examine the decommissioning provisions in place for new builds
  • Gain an insight into managing lifecycle baseline cost so you can manage costs effectively within your decommissioning projects

Panel Chair: Martyn Jenkins, Managing Director, Enkom Consulting

Tony Free, Head of Decommissioning/Environmental Planning, EDF Energy
John Millington, Head of Cost Estimating, Sellafield
Kat Ferguson, Head of Cost, Magnox
Amanda French, Head of Portfolio Assurance, NDA

12:00-12:30 ENGIE preparation for decommissioning in Belgium

  • Get an exclusive update on Belgian D&D legislative context and how Belgium will be ‘phasing out the phase-out’
  • Discover the new D&D challenges ahead of Belgium’s nuclear decommissioning programme
  • Understand why GDF SUEZ became ENGIE with the transition explained

Peter Berben, Radwaste Liabilities Decommissioning and Dismantling Development, ENGIE


14:00-14:30 Geological Disposal. Why is it needed in the UK?

  • Understand what the challenges are for siting a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) in the UK
  • Get the latest insight on the preparation for the UK’s GDF and the progress already made
  • Discover the next steps for the UK’s GDF and the opportunities available

Natalyn Ala, Geological Disposal Facility Siting Director, RWM Ltd

Session 2: Reducing Costs for Cost Effective Decommissioning

14:30-15:00 Latest update on Reactor Vessel Dismantling Projects

  • Gain an insight into Westinghouse’s latest European nuclear decommissioning projects
  • Understand the dismantling processes carried out by Westinghouse and lessons learned
  • Take a look at the scope overview and waste packaging from a number of European projects

Joseph Boucau, Director D&D Business Development, Westinghouse

15:00-15:30 Sellafield- from a site focused on reprocessing to a site focused on decommissioning and waste management

  • Gain insight into Sellafield’s plans regarding broad front decommissioning
  • Evaluate the ‘fit for purpose approaches’ being adopted to deliver site remediation
  • Understand the opportunities being pursued for a diverse range of wastes

Ciara Walsh, Integrated Waste Strategy Manager, Sellafield


16:00-16:30 Nuclear decommissioning in the UK – the legal backdrop

  • Understand the latest legal and practical issues relating to decommissioning the existing nuclear fleet
  • Gain an insight into funded decommissioning programmes and waste transfer contracts
  • Discover the regulatory and policy considerations within the nuclear decommissioning sector

Sophie Barr, Senior Associate, Pinsent Masons LLP

16:30-17:00 Training our people to meet the decommissioning challenge

  • Take a look into the LMI Analysis and predicted skills requirements for decommissioning
  • Take a look into Jacobs’ Trailblazer Apprenticeships and the development and utilisation of staff with higher level skills
  • Understand the decommissioning market capability requirements for both domestic and overseas markets

Prof Paul Gilchrist, Director of Nuclear Technology, Jacobs

17:00-17:30 Flask Loading Facility (FLF) project: a new delivery strategy

  • Gain an insight into the flask loading facility project conducted at Dounreay, as part of the Dounreay decommissioning and restoration scheme
  • Understand the requirements that were identified to enable the handling of transport flasks to be loaded with IF containers for both road and rail transfer
  • Discover the full scope of work needed for the project from concept design through safety case development and scheme design

Mike Scully, Operations Manager, Nuvia

17:30-18:00 Developing accretive investment recovery practices for surplus, idle, and complete closures

  • Hear from two of the largest industrial auction and asset advisory firms to gain insight into developing investment recovery best practices
  • Understand how to maximize value while mitigating impact of the site in terms of Environmental impact, as well as enhancing your CSR & public perceptions
  • Gain insight into the asset recovery process via a walk through a live power sector project and establish why speed to market is crucial

Alan Bell, Director, Troostwijk Auctions Ltd
David Barkoff, Director of Sales, Heritage Global Partners Inc

Session 4: Preparation for Nuclear Decommissioning

11:00-11:30 Developing a lean project delivery system for the nuclear decommissioning industry

  • Gain an insight into the Lean Project Delivery System that was designed for the global construction industry
  • Listen to the benefits the Lean Project Delivery system could bring to nuclear decommissioning projects, to enhance its current delivery process and bring efficiencies to nuclear projects
  • Take a look into the Last Planner System®, part of the new project delivery system to help deliver efficiencies and better results

Paul Ebbs, Research Fellow and Knowledge Development Associate, Nottingham Trent University

11:30-12:00 Transitioning from operations to decommissioning

  • Hear from the Engineering Construction Industry Board and the work being conducted in the UK nuclear industry
  • Explore the complexities of retaining a strong safety culture whilst maintaining productivity through transition from operations to decommissioning
  • Understand the resourcing and skills challenges of decommissioning in an increasingly competitive sector

Stephen Barrett, Sector Manager Nuclear, Engineering Construction Industry Board

12:00 -12:30 How to optimize cost and cash-outs of decommissioning projects

  • Gain an insight into the suggested framework and list of levers based on cost optimization experience from involvement in 10 units in decommissioning
  • Take a look into a practical example on the "how to" of cost optimization
  • Understand the key dos and don'ts within this approach so you can apply it to your nuclear decommissioning projects

Frédérik Jobert, Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
Camille Brégé, Principal, The Boston Consulting Group


14:00 -14:30 Delivering major decommissioning projects in partnership

  • Understand how Atkins has levered business partnerships to deliver success in major infrastructure projects
  • Explore how major decommissioning projects are uniquely suited to a partnership approach
  • Understand how to incentivise partnerships and alliances in complex environments

Matt Burley, Head of Strategic Development and Emerging Markets, ATKINS

14:30 -15:00 Navigating nuclear decommissioning: perspectives on markets and learnings across decommissioning industries

  • Gain an insight into McKinsey’s perspectives on nuclear decommissioning markets
  • Take a look into McKinsey’s latest research on the size of nuclear decommissioning markets and estimates of how different regions will evolve over time
  • Compare decommissioning challenges and approaches so you can understand how the nuclear decommissioning industry compares to other decommissioning industries

Dr Jochen Latz, Partner, McKinsey

15:00 -15:30 Costs of decommissioning nuclear power plants

  • Gain an insight into the latest study conducted by the OECD on the costs of nuclear decommissioning programmes
  • Understand how using the latest knowledge and data of completed decommissioning projects can be used to consider how related cost estimates have varied over time
  • Consider the latest estimates put forward by the OECD for the costs of decommissioning nuclear power plants

Jan Horst Keppler, Senior Economic Advisor, OECD NEA Nuclear Development Division

Session 2: European Nuclear Waste Management

11:00-11:30 Delivering disposability: opportunities for improved Radioactive Waste Management in the UK

  • Understand the current status of UK radioactive waste management infrastructure and its implications for nuclear operations
  • Gain insight into the challenges of radioactive waste permitting and what you can do to secure better solutions sooner rather than later
  • Hear the latest thinking on the regulatory expectations for permitting of on-site disposal at nuclear sites

Dr Juliet Long, RSR Legacy and Waste Issues Manager, Environment Agency

11:30 -12:00 Solutions for disposal of intermediate level waste in the UK

  • Take a look into GNS’ resin project at Sizewell-B
  • Evaluate the current progress of the sludge removal and IEX at Bradwell
  • Take a look into the new technology GNS SBoX and the role this could play in the nuclear waste management market

Dr Matthias Messer, Head of UK Projects, GNS

12:00 -12:30 Large scale land remediation, using innovative solutions

  • Understand the challenges associated with large scale remediation of radioactive contaminated land
  • Gain an insight into the deployment of SCANPLOT to quickly determine the extent of radioactive contamination issues on affected land
  • Take a look at how SCANSORT has been used as a solution to measure and sort large volumes of suspect soil and debris in the UK and elsewhere

Doug Kerr, Technical Consultant Decommissioning and Remediation, AMEC Foster Wheeler


14:00 -14:30 Innovations in volume reduction for final disposal

  • Gain an insight into NUKEM Technologies European experience in pyrolysis of IEX and Evaporater Concentrate
  • Take a look into NUKEM’s new mobile melting facility so you can understand how this technology could be used in waste management and recycling
  • Understand how the use of these technologies has resulted in the reduction of bulk material

Dr. Hauke Grages, Director Operations, NUKEM Technologies

14:30 -15:30 Panel session: Packaging and transport for spent fuel and nuclear decommissioning

  • Gain an insight into the considerations of packaging and transport within the management of spent fuel, wastes and decommissioning
  • Understand technical and operational aspects of the transportation of nuclear waste
  • Develop an understanding of the regulatory aspects of nuclear waste and spent fuel transportation and packaging

Betty-Bonnardel-Azzarelli, Managing Director, AB5 Consulting
Marc Flynn, Head of Logistics and RAMTUC, LLWR
Ciara Walsh, Integrated Waste Strategy Manager, Sellafield
Mike Nichols, Managing Director Europe, PacTec

15:30 -16:00 Extending interim storage of spent nuclear fuel: what are the needs and consequences?

  • Extending interim storage beyond initial license periods due to delayed disposal projects is a global challenge
  • Knowledge needs to be enhanced - data gaps need to be closed timely
  • International collaboration in R&D and regulatory improvements are explained

Dr Holger Volzke, Director, BAM federal Institute - Materials and Research and Testing


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