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5th Annual Nuclear Decommissioning Conference - Europe May 7-8, 2014, Radisson Blu Airport, Manchester, UK

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08:30 – 08:40: Welcome and Introduction with:

Michael Vickery - Senior Project Manager - Nuclear Energy Insider

08:40 -09:00: Chairman’s Introduction with:

Peter Bachsleitner - Partner Energy – General Manager - PCUBED

09:00 – 09:30: Decommissioning at Sellafield – The Next Phase

  • Gain an insight into Sellafield’s mission to deliver safe, secure site stewardship whilst demonstrating value for money and urgency in the reduction of risks and high hazards posed by Sellafield’s historic facilities and wastes
  • Get updated on the current progress of decommissioning at the Sellafield site
  • Gain an insight into the main decommissioning challenges faced at Sellafield including removing high-hazard wastes and retrieval from legacy facilities

Jack Devine – Chief Decommissioning Officer – Sellafield

09:30 – 10:00: Capital Project Performance at Sellafield

  • Hear from PT&C and the NDA to gain insight into the capital project performance at Sellafield
  • Understand how PT&C and NDA have worked together to develop contingency plans for uncertainty at Sellafield
  • Gain further insight into the work being done on cost estimation principles and project benchmarking analysis so you can understand how to apply these principles to your decommissioning programmes

Alistair Laird – Director - PT&C
Dave Weatherburn – Head of Performance Management – NDA


10:30 – 11:00: Progress at Dounreay

  • Receive an exclusive update on the progress made on Dounreay’s decommissioning programme, two years on
  • Gain an insight into managing the personal transition from operational to decommissioning in order to explore the subtle but extremely important differences between operational and decommissioning excellence
  • Understand how and with whom the Dounreay site will interact with the new closure contract in place

Mark Rouse – Managing Director – Dounreay

11:00 – 11:30: Lessons from the LLWR Plutonium Contaminated Materials (PCM) Decommissioning Project

  • Gain insight into the LLWR PCM Decommissioning project and understand the strategies being implemented when dealing with plutonium contaminated materials
  • Review project strategies in a number of key areas including schedule acceleration, contracting strategy, declassification techniques and safety case development
  • Learn about the strategies of the decommissioning programme leading to demolition of buildings to allow the area to be reused for future vaults

Dennis Thompson – Managing Director – LLWR

11.30 – 12.00: Lighting a New Era for Waste Management using PRISM

  • Hear how GE Hitachi's breakthrough technology, PRISM, can utilise the energy potential on spent fuel and close the fuel cycle, turning “waste into watts”
  • Understand how PRISM's robust fuel capability can recycle used nuclear fuel or plutonium whilst producing carbon-free electricity and how these features can benefit your operations
  • Gain insight on how this breakthrough technology's flexible application can be applied to a range of specific requirements so you can evaluate its use in your future strategy

David Powell – VP European Sales - GE

12.00 – 12.30: Geological Disposal Across Europe

  • Gain a valuable insight into geological disposal experiences from across Europe and understand the licensing, construction and operating processes involved in the GDF process
  • Understand how to manage uncertainties in safety when building a geological disposal site including technical issues such as monitoring contamination and the types of cement to use
  • Explore advanced European research projects and the possibilities of a European wide geological disposal facility

Jacques Delay – Secretary General - IGD-TP/ANDRA

LUNCH: 12:30 – 2.00 (please refer to your allocated lunch time ticket)

AMEC Lunchtime Workshop: 1:00 – 2:00

  • Silver sponsors AMEC will hold an exclusive lunchtime workshop for day one of the conference for all conference attendees
  • From specialist consultancy, through new build and life time extension to decommissioning and remediation projects, join AMEC’s lunchtime briefing to see what developments are taking place
  • Understand how you can work with AMEC to support this challenging market

Christopher Woodhead – Business Development Director - AMEC
Richard Heywood – Business Development Manager – AMEC

2:00 – 2:30: The Role of Radioactive Waste Management Ltd (RWM) and Update on GDF

  • Identify the UK’s strategy for long term waste management and the role RWM plays
  • Understand the role of assessing disposability when packaging wastes compatible with a future geological disposal facility
  • Gain insight into the plans for a geological disposal facility in the UK and the steps necessary for its implementation over the coming decades

Ann McCall – Waste Management Director - NDA

2:30 - 3:00: Consultation, Community Benefits and the Geological Disposal Facility

  • Gain an update on Consultation, Community Benefits and the Geological Disposal Facility: 12 months on
  • Review changes to the Planning Act 2008 and what this means for the Geological Disposal Facility

Paul Zyda – Director – Zyda Law


3:30 – 4:00: Reactor Internals Segmentation Using Proven Techniques

  • Hear about the processes for segmenting reactor internals which allows minimum personnel exposure and reliable operation during decommissioning
  • Get a complete update on the advanced WEC technology for dismantling reactor internals with recent project feedback

Joseph Boucau – Director of Global D&D Sales – Westinghouse

4:00 – 4.30: Waste Management and Treatment – EDF Case Study

  • Evaluate the arguments for recycling vs disposal of large pieces of contaminated equipment (ie steam generators)
  • Explore the options for I-graphite treatment vs disposal
  • Understand how EDF have used Ion exchange resins during the decontamination processes

Gerard Laurent – Decommissioning Expert – EDF

4:30 – 5:00: Disposal of VLLW to Landfill: Augean’s Experience and Challenges for the Future

  • Having now disposed to our landfill site at East Northhants waste from several sites in the NDA portfolio, hear Augean’s experience and key lessons learned
  • Understand the benefits for the NDA estate and others in the extension of Augean’s planning permission for the East Northants facility
  • Gain an insight into the key challenges for Augean in expanding their capabilities in dealing with radioactive materials

Helen Simms – Director of Radioactive Waste Services – Augean

5:00 – 5:30: Retrieval and Packaging of Wet ILW from Chapelcross and Dungeness A Ponds

  • Hear how legacy waste has been stored at Chapelcross and Dungeness A in the old fuel ponds and the next steps for retrieval and packaging into DCIC containers in accordance with the Magnox ILW long term storage strategy
  • The new equipment has been designed to be simple yet safe within the bounds of the Nuclear Safety Case developed by alongside by the two Magnox sites
  • Understand how the Atkins led design team, working as part of the SAS partnership under the Magnox ILW framework agreement, has taken the design from initial concept through to current position where detail design drawings are being produced for manufacture

Corin Brotherhood – Principal Mechanical Engineer – The AREVA-ATKINS Partnership




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09:00 – 09:30: Waste Processing by De-watering/Drying – Experiences From Sizewell and Bradwell

  • Gain an insight into the dewatering phase at Sizewell B Power Station including Intermediate Level Waste and Ion Exchange Resins
  • Understand the processes followed whilst drying at Magnox’s Bradwell Site in terms of ILW Sludge and ION Exchange Material
  • Discover the key lessons learned from these key projects at Magnox and further developments going forward

Joerg Vierman – Head Sales Waste Management - GNS

09:30 - 10:00: AMEC, Technology Development and Approach to Supply Chain Engagement

  • Understand AMEC’s latest approach to increasing supply chain engagement
  • Gain insight into AMEC’s latest technology developments

Christopher Woodhead – Business Development Director - AMEC


10.30 – 11.30: Technological Innovation – Panel Session

  • Get an inside look into the development of the most innovative technologies available for nuclear decommissioning, waste management and disposal so you can curtail your decommissioning costs
  • Understand how the latest technologies including robotics, radiation measurement and instrumentation can be applied to your bespoke decommissioning projects
  • Understand how initial projects with these technologies have enabled an increase in safety and how they can be tailored to specific needs and criteria

Chairman: Gareth Davies – Vice Chairman Decommissioning Working Group - NIA
David Hopper – Managing Director – Advanced Robotics
Steve Wood – Managing Director – REACT Engineering
Mike Lodge – CEO – ARVIA
Bryony Livesey – Research and Technology Manager – Costain
Phil Heaton – Decommissioning Team Leader – Environment Agency

11:30 – 12:00: Preparing for Decommissioning through Early Knowledge Management Strategy Development

  • Understand how expert knowledge based working will help modernise learning and collaboration across the nuclear life cycle
  • Hear how knowledge management strategy can be applied to nuclear decommissioning through organisational learning, knowledge capture and asset information systems

Melanie Sachar - Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning Lead, Design Authority - EDF NNB Genco

12:00 - 12:30: Costing Decommissioning of Nuclear Sites

  • Understand the key factors in financing Nuclear new build projects by making sure the costs of long-term waste management are well understood
  • Understand how the NDA project on the siting, financing and charging options for geological disposal facility will be very important for the development of the next generation of nuclear installations
  • Consider financing options in the context of the nuclear industry and other sectors, in the UK and internationally

Karen Dawson – Director – PWC

NETWORKING LUNCH BREAK: 12:30 – 2.00 (please refer to your allocated lunch time ticket)

2:00 - 2:30: Decommissioning Activities at IAEA and Preparation for Decommissioning at Fukushima

  • Gain an overview of decommissioning activities supported by the IAEA and the current status of global decommissioning projects
  • Discover first-hand the IAEA’s involvement in the preparation for decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi NPP
  • Hear about other activities supported by the IAEA Waste Technology Section including assisting with planning and implementing decommissioning strategies and projects

Vladimir Michal – Head of Waste Technology Section – IAEA

2:30 - 3:00: Waste Treatment Services for Decommissioning – International Perspective on the Question of Supply and Demand

  • Hear from world renowned specialists in the treatment of low and intermediate-level waste, Studsvik, on their international waste treatment services for decommissioning
  • Understand the latest waste management techniques for dry and metallic waste from nuclear facilities in Europe, through incineration and melting
  • Hear how these innovative waste management techniques from across Europe can be incorporated into decommissioning projects

Joe Robinson – Vice President of Strategic Development – Studsvik

3:00 - 3:30: Innovations and R&D Needs for Decommissioning

  • Hear from NEA/OECD group lead on the critical R&D needs in nuclear decommissioning
  • Get key lessons learned from current R&D projects

Gerard Laurent – Decommissioning Expert – EDF




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