2017 Solutions to Increasing International Collaboration, Reducing Cost Uncertainty & Drawing on the Decommissioning Lessons Learned Across Europe

The 8th Annual Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management Conference Europe is Europe’s premier meeting point for the nuclear decommissioning community, where the industry’s fundamental challenges, innovations and opportunities are explored and resolved to drive the industry forward

With over 20 countries represented in 2016, the Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management Conference Europe provides exlusive insight into the key solutions being developed across Europe to create a holistic strategy for decommissioning and the back-end of the fuel cycle

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Session 1: Interactive Workshop – European Collaboration

Interactive ½ Day Workshop: Exporting nuclear skills, products and services throughout Europe

This brand-new and exclusive workshop is focused on assisting organisations to expand their business operations throughout Europe and facilitating European collaboration, with a view to driving forward the decommissioning and waste management industry and sharing expertise internationally.

  • Hear from trade experts from all of Europe’s biggest decommissioning markets including the UK, France and Germany to understand how to take advantage of international supply chain opportunities
  • Listen to expert presentations, join in roundtables and meet face-to-face with the people who can help expand your European business operations
  • Understand how to ensure international collaboration can be optimised during and after the UK’s withdrawal from the EU to ensure member states can share knowledge and facilities to optimise strategy

Department for International Trade, Invest in France, Barry Moloney & Bruno Thomauske, Managing Directors, NSE International (German trading expertise)

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Session 2: Plenary Session

How European Decommissioning and Waste Management trends feature in the world landscape

  • Get an overview of the World and European decommissioning and waste management experiences and achievements to date
  • Hear about the current and future decommissioning state in Europe, and the challenges the policy makers and the industry will face to address an increased demand for decommissioning nuclear power plants
  • Develop your knowledge of the best practice to integrate the planning of decommissioning and waste stream management to ensure you can safely and cost-effectively decommission in the future

Christophe Xerri, Director of the Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Waste Technology and Research Reactors, IAEA

Utility Panel Session: Decommissioning Strategies

  • Hear how different European utilities plan on optimising decommissioning strategy to enhance cost-effectiveness
  • Hear multiple European opinions on the future of decommissioning to ensure you can use optimal strategies to dismantle your plant
  • Learn about what the phasing out of nuclear power in Germany will mean for German utility companies, and how they plan on optimising final shut-down

Wolfgang Eckert, Chief Financial Officer, EnBW
Gerard Jacquemin, Senior Procurement Advisor, Vattenfall

European Regulation: Panel Session

  • Understand the investigations that European regulators are conducting into improving policy and international standardisation
  • Create a common understanding of policy and regulations across Europe to increase international collaboration and overseas opportunities
  • Gain an overview of the differences between European regulations to drive forward common regulations in line with international developments

Mina Golshan, Deputy Chief Inspector & Director Sellafield, Decommissioning, Fuel & Waste Programme, ONR
Jean-Luc Lachaume, Deputy Director General, ASN
European Commission

Funding the Decommissioning of EDF’s Fleet

  • Hear an overview of EDF’s decommissioning programme to understand the progress to date and the strategies in place to address the rise in decommissioning
  • Develop your understanding of the financing structure for decommissioning EDF’s PWR fleet, and hear how the lessons learned to date can be shared across Europe to ensure problematics are minimised when estimating future decommissioning costs
  • Comprehend how the challenges encountered when transitioning from operations to decommissioning including waste storage, human resources and industrial policy have been addressed to optimise decommissioning and waste management strategy

Sylvain Desecures, Chief of Decommissioning Cost Estimation, EDF

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Decommissioning Session 3: Technical Case Studies

Lessons-learned from EnBW’s decommissioning strategy

  • Develop an understanding of the challenges encountered by EnBW during light water reactor decommissioning projects to ensure lessons learned are recognised and acted upon to minimise future difficulties
  • Learn to adapt the knowledge of decommissioning light water reactor and explore how it can be used to more effectively decommission Magnox and gas cooled reactors throughout Europe
  • Understand the strategies being developed in Germany for nuclear power plant decommissioning preparation and the key success factors that can be used to facilitate safe, cost-effective decommissioning

Jörg Klasen, Director of Decommissioning, EnBW

Case Study: Nuclear Decommissioning at Ignalina NPP

  • Get an update on the recent preparations for the nuclear decommissioning programme at Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant
  • Understand the decommissioning work in progress, key timelines and schedule for the decommissioning programme
  • Discover the challenges faced and during current and past decommissioning work and the lessons that have been learnt to ensure a smooth transition from operations to decommissioning

Saulius Urbonavicius, Head of Planning, Ignalina NPP

Radioactive Waste Management in Italy

  • Hear an overview of Sogin’s approach to decommissioning and waste management, and the current activity and priorities for the management of radioactive waste to identify where lessons can be learned
  • Understand how optimal long term storage techniques including repositories of spent fuel are being selected in Italy and recognise the challenges which have been overcome to ensure that the best possible techniques are utilised for future long term storage decisions
  • Hear how high-level waste and spent fuel is being successfully reprocessed at Sellafield and La Hague and what the long-term behaviour will be for this reprocessed fuel

Giustino Mancini, Director PMU Consultant Bohunice, SOGIN

Reactor dismantling in practice: how successful decommissioning is being done

  • Gain an insight into the latest NPP decommissioning projects across Europe by hearing about active projects and preparations for future projects
  • Learn about the successful strategies currently being utilised to decommission boiling water reactor plants
  • Understand the challenges faced when dismantling European nuclear power plant projects and how they have been effectively overcome

Joseph Boucau, Head of D&D Sales, Westinghouse

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Decommissioning Session 4: Technologies & Innovations

Innovative Technologies to Reduce the Cost of Nuclear Decommissioning

  • Hear about the new integrated innovation competition for nuclear decommissioning funded by the NDA and Innovate UK, in partnership with Sellafield Ltd
  • Understand how the project will stimulate innovation and reduce the cost of nuclear decommissioning
  • Develop knowledge on how projects will produce a step change in the decommissioning or dismantling process to minimise human intervention, increase productivity and optimise waste treatment, packing and routing

The latest innovative advanced automatic control technologies: develop an optimal waste management strategy

  • Learn how to increase automatic control using robotics within plant dismantling to facilitate decommissioning in inaccessible and unsafe areas
  • Understand the challenges associated with replacing hands-on human activities within a harsh radiation environments such as underwater and in acidic conditions
  • Learn about the innovations allowing for data transmission through unforgiving radioactive environments to automate the dismantling of your plant

Decommissioning and Dismantling Remote Handling Solutions

  • Understand the layout and technical design of remote control handling to minimise operator risks to radiation exposure
  • Hear about current projects in Europe utilising remote handling and how they are creating effective strategies to safely dismantle nuclear power plants
  • Hear about the latest research and development techniques to drive forward remote handing solutions

Peter Berben, Head of Decommissioning, ENGIE / Tecnubel

Skills Transferability in Decommissioning within the UK and Europe

  • Get an overview of the latest successes concerning skills in the nuclear decommissioning sector in the UK and how the National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN) has helped to improve the performance of companies working in decommissioning
  • Hear about the recent achievements from the current European project facilitating the transferability of skills across multiple countries in Europe to understand how your company can export nuclear skills and access new markets
  • Hear how the UK model of decommissioning skills development can help your organisation develop its skills and capability to more effectively deliver efficient and successful decommissioning activities

Dawn Broad, Business Development Manager, National Skills Academy for Nuclear

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Decommissioning Session 5: Financing NPP Decommissioning

Cost estimation trends and evolving practice within decommissioning cost estimation, with an international perspective

  • Hear about recent work on approaches to effectively and consistently estimate nuclear power plant retirement costs to deal with and reduce nuclear power plant decommissioning cost uncertainties
  • Be informed of current work exploring the relationships between decommissioning cost estimates and actual costs
  • Further your knowledge of underlying causes behind the apparent escalation of decommissioning costs and how these may be communicated

Simon Carroll, Senior Analyst, SSM & Chair OECD NEA DCEG

Panel Session: A UK perspective on how to address the rising costs of liabilities

  • Hear from key stakeholders within the NDA estate to discover the challenges encountered during current decommissioning work, and how the lessons learned from these can improve practice within future projects to ensure complications are prevented
  • Compare current decommissioning work within the NDA estate with the plans for near term future decommissioning work in the UK to reduce the knowledge gap and facilitate learning between organisations
  • Develop learning opportunities across Europe by perceiving the challenges encountered within UK decommissioning and broadening knowledge of methods to reduce these in future

John Millington, Head of Estimating, Sellafield;
Kat Ferguson, Head of Cost, Magnox
Andrew Oldham, Head of Financial Operations, NDA
Chair: Martyn Jenkins, MD Enkom Consulting

The new financing structure of Germany’s decommissioning and radioactive waste liabilities

  • Develop your understanding of the new law separating Germany’s decommissioning and waste management liabilities and how this will affect regulators, utilities and the supply chain
  • Learn how the separation of decommissioning and waste management funds will impact upon the strategies employed by utilities to safely and cost-effectively decommission nuclear power plants and recognise where opportunities may lie for the supply chain.
  • Understand how the decision by the government to compensate utilities for the phase out of nuclear power will affect the general public to ensure acceptance of the changes are maximised

Case Study: Enhancing Confidence in Future Cost Estimates

  • Hear about the benchmarking programme of work at Sellafield which will allow an increase in confidence of cost-estimates going forward
  • Better understand the key drivers for cost-estimates and learn how these can be optimally analysed to ensure cost-effectiveness
  • Get an insight into the current work being carried out to allow Sellafield to recognise and provide visibility on the current financing information available to benchmark and improve future estimates

John Millington, Head of Estimating, Sellafield & Martyn Jenkins, MD, Enkom Consulting

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Waste Management Session 6: Regulatory Update and Integrating Waste Management

A Life-Cycle Approach to Radioactive Waste Management

  • Understand the evolving practices taking place to develop the integration between different categories of waste that take into consideration the interfaces between the categories of waste
  • Learn how volume-reduction, decontamination and decay-storage technologies have assisted in delivering an integrated approach to radioactive waste management
  • Hear how the NDA are developing strategic options to optimise the waste management process across the estate and how the waste hierarchy improves strategy

James McKinney, Head of Integrated Waste Management, NDA

Radioactive Waste Policy and Infrastructure: Fundamental to Your Success

  • Hear about the ongoing work to review and identify opportunities to strengthen radioactive waste policy and infrastructure to ensure safety and efficiency is optimised
  • Understand why such policy and infrastructure is so important and how it will affect radioactive waste management
  • Recognise the potential opportunities for improvement identified to-date and comprehend how these will advance current radioactive waste policy and infrastructure

Juliet Long, Head of Radioactive Waste Management Infrastructure, BEIS

Regulatory Impacts of the Guidance on Requirements for Release of Nuclear Sites from Radioactive Substances Regulation

  • Understand the GRR regulation and how it affects the regulation of nuclear sites in the final stages of decommissioning
  • Understand how the regulation affects the potentials for onsite disposal and hear what this means for nuclear decommissioning
  • Hear why the GRR guidance is a step-change in the UK’s approach to decommissioning and how this will be implemented at Winfrith

Adam Davis, Project Lead Decommissioning & Clean-Up: Lower Activity Waste, Environment Agency

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Waste Management Session 7: Waste Disposal and Characterisation

OECD NEA Waste Management Activity

  • Get an overview of the current activities being undertaken by the OECD NEA to recognise the recent stakeholder requirements in countries throughout Europe, to assist in recognising where the most prevalent gaps lie
  • Hear a global perspective on nuclear waste management and the characterisation of radiological waste to ensure the best practice is adhered to for safe implementation of geological repositories
  • Based on recent outcomes hear the discrepancies identified between countries and organisations, to learn about the strategies currently in place to enhance international cooperation

Ichiro Otsuka, Radioactive Waste Management Specialist – OECD NEA

Panel: Public Acceptance and Securing Community Support for Waste Disposal

  • Hear about current techniques being used to facilitate public acceptance of high-level waste disposal and establish the support of deep disposal repositories in communities
  • Address the global public acceptance challenge through increased transparency of waste management decisions whereby science is combined with public communication to enhance understanding and confidence in waste disposal
  • Understand how to involve communities in siting decisions to secure waste management support

Mike Starkie – Mayor of Copeland, Copeland Borough Council
William Roberts - Decommissioning Expert & Chair of the ICAEW Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, ICAEW

Advancements Within Low-level Waste Management

  • Understand the recent and future changes occurring as the LLW Repository’s Environmental Safety Case becomes embedded, and the subsequent risks and opportunities these will bring to the industry
  • Hear how Cyclife UK Ltd is adapting to these changes and has implemented them in recent waste treatment projects, and the current service developments aimed at maximising the opportunities to treat more complex waste-streams
  •  Develop your knowledge of key waste management issues that supply chain companies are required to consider to ensure safety and fully optimise waste management

Joe Robinson, Managing Director, Cyclife UK Ltd

Characterisation of Waste

  • Advance your knowledge of performing non-destructive assay to measure the efficiency of your decontamination process
  • Understand how accurate characterisation of waste is required to be to ensure you can effectively demonstrate compliance with regulations
  • Enhance your understanding of performing more precise characterisation methodology to ensure declarations of uncertainties are reduced to minimise overestimations of capacity

Greg Black – Nuclear Regulator – Environment Agency & Member of OECD NEA WPDD

Solutions for Dealing with the Final Disposal of Spent Fuel

  • Gain an insight into the optimal strategies of disposing spent fuel
  • Develop your understanding of how to increase public acceptance of spent fuel disposal through transparency, regulation and trust
  • Take a look at the present situation in Finland: learn about Finland’s construction of final disposal space under the new nuclear construction license
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Waste Management Session 8: Waste storage and transportation

Panel Session: Integrating Transportation with Decommissioning

  • Hear from industry experts about the interface between decommissioning NPP’s and the transportation of waste materials to recognise where the current challenges lie, to develop an improved strategy to address these knowledge gaps
  • Comprehend the regulatory aspects of integrating transport techniques with decommissioning to move towards interim storage, including cost and time constraints, to ensure you have the proficiency to position your organisation at the forefront of the transportation market
  • Understand the differences between operators’ approaches to the transportation of nuclear waste and spent fuel to compare and contrast strategies and ensure you can develop the most optimal approaches

Chair: Betty Azzerilli MD AB5 Consulting

The Economics of Waste

  • Learn about the waste management market structure, growth expectations within Europe and potential opportunities
  • Explore the commercial viability of waste packaging, transport and storage to enhance opportunities and investment in the back end of the fuel cycle
  • Understand the financing and regulatory implications of the de-licensing of contaminated land, and recognise how this will affect the financing of waste management

Perspectives on extending interim storage of spent nuclear fuel (beyond the initial license period)

  • Enhance your understanding of the long-term requirements for interim storage packages, including the transportation of spent fuel and high level waste (HLW) after storage.
  • Hear about the latest R&D initiatives for interim storage solutions being developed and utilised in Germany
  • Further your understanding of the criteria surrounding license extension of interim storage facilities at shut-down power plant sites.

Holger Voelkze, Director and Professor, BAM

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