2017 Event Highlights

Insights from European Utilities

  • Sellafield
  • Magnox
  • EDF
  • EnBW
  • Vattenfall
  • fortum
  • Uniper
  • Sogin

Regulatory & Agency Updates

  • ONR
  • ASN
  • EuropeanCommission
  • SSM
  • Environment Agency
  • IAEA

Leading Service Company Attendance

With the 2018 speaker line-up in progress, see who shared insight in 2017!

Sylvain Desecures

Sylvain Desecures
Chief of Decommissioning Cost Estimation
Ciara Walsh

Ciara Walsh
Waste Integration Manager
Gérard Jacquemin

Gérard Jacquemin
Senior Procurement Advisor Nuclear Decommissioning
Vattenfall AB
Jörg Klasen

Jörg Klasen
Director Nuclear Decommissioning Services
Åsa Carlson

Åsa Carlson
Managing Director Barsebäck Kraft AB
Saulius Urbonavicius

Saulius Urbonavicius
Head of Planning
Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant
Sami Hautakangas

Sami Hautakangas
Head of Spent Fuel & Disposal Services
John Millington

John Millington
Head of Estimating
Giustino Maria Mancini

Giustino Maria Mancini
Director PMU Consultant Bohunice
Craig Ashton

Craig Ashton
Head of Waste Services
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The Industry’s Chosen Themes for 2017:

  • Hear from international trade experts on the best practice for trading more effectively throughout Europe to ensure you are at the forefront of the decommissioning and waste management market
  • Enhance your understanding of the latest European regulatory updates to recognise the current policy improvements and the impacts they will have on the industry
  • Gain an insight into how European utilities plan on optimising decommissioning strategies to enhance cost-effectiveness and reduce the escalation of costs
  • Address the global challenge of public acceptance by learning newly discovered techniques to establish the support of nuclear waste management within communities
  • Develop your understanding of the optimal strategies for financing NPP decommissioning to effectively and consistently estimate back end costs and deal with cost uncertainties
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What was new in 2017

  • NEW interactive workshop on exporting nuclear skills, products and services throughout Europe: Hear from trade experts from all of Europe’s biggest decommissioning markets to understand how to take advantage of international supply chain opportunities. Listen to expert presentations, participate in roundtables and meet face-to-face with the people who can help expand your European business operations
  • A brand-new focus on the waste management track, with exclusive presentations by leading experts from BEIS and OECD NEA discussing geological disposal, waste management, interim storage and more, ensuring you can benefit from the growing waste management market.
  • An exclusive financing session to establish the evolving practices in cost estimation, contracting strategy and benchmarking to reduce decommissioning cost uncertainties across the industry.
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Just some highlights from the leading European decommissioning conference


Senior level attendees


Hours of Cutting Edge Industry Presentations


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Expert Industry Speakers


Decommissioning and Waste Management Tracks

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Hear why the industry’s leading figures return to the meeting year on year

  • Magnox

    "Great networking event where you can meet companies that are leading the way in the European nuclear industry"

    - Magnox
  • sellafield

    "A valuable topical insight into the strategy, knowledge base and new development in the nuclear decommissioning sector"

    - Sellafield
  • Sellafield

    "The content was varied and highly relevant. The attendees were a good mix of contractors, regulators, licence holders with a strong international presence"

    - Sellafield
  • SSM

    “Informative presentations and stimulating discussions with a broad cross-section of European industry and regulators”

    - SSM
  • Fortum

    “Interesting presentations on utility experiences, financing questions, and decommissioning technologies”

    - Fortum
  • Ignalina

    “It was a useful conference because of the possibility to have a broad picture of decommissioning field across Europe”

    - Ignalina NPP

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