The SMR and Advanced Reactor industry’s main global meeting point every single year

Take a look at who attended in 2017:

  • OPG
  • Southern-Company
  • TVA
    bruce power
  • NuScale
  • uamps
  • sheff-forgemasters
  • DOE

A Pedigree of Global Representatives

Nuclear Energy Insider prides itself on hosting the major stakeholders from the countries invested in the reality of next generation nuclear. Take a look at what companies were represented in recent years…

A Pedigree of Global Representatives

The Annual International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit is the largest meeting point in the world for the SMR and Advanced Reactor industry, offering you valuable face to face networking time with potential clients as well as business-critical market insight to better prepare your company for the future of nuclear power. Don't miss out on the event in 2018, but whilst we put it together make sure you check out why 2017 was so unmissable. 

Over 15 countries represented: Marking the truly international stature of the event there are representatives from the world's biggest SMR and advanced reactor supporters such as; the USA, Canada, UK, France, China, South Korea, South Africa, Russia and more

Spot-on job titles: The summit tailors specifically to the highest level decision makers within the industry shown by the level of executives in attendance for 2017, such as; CEO, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Nuclear Officer, SVP Business Development, Director of Energy and Infrastructure, Executive Director, VP Business Development

All the biggest names in SMR and advanced reactor development: Meet the world's leading SMR and advanced reactor designers year on year, including; NuScale, Terrestrial Energy USA, GE-Hitachi, BWXT, the ITER Project, Moltex Energy, Elysium Industries, AREVA, Rolls-Royce, CNNC and General Atomics.

The Top 10 Companies and Organizations who attended in 2017

Job Title Company
Acting Director – Office of New Reactors US NRC
Congressman (R-TX) US House of Representatives
Deputy Assistant Secretary, International Nuclear Energy Policy and Cooperation US DOE
Chief Commercial Officer and a delegation of 3 others NuScale
CEO in a delegation of 2 Terrestrial Energy
CEO and a delegation of 6 others Southern Nuclear
VP Products and Technology AREVA
VP Strategy and Acquisitions in a delegation of 4 OPG
Director GAIN

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