Stay up to date with the hottest topics in the SMR and advanced reactor industry at SMR 2018

The International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit is your go-to location to understand the latest market updates, the opportunities and the hurdles associated with these exciting technologies. 

In 2018 the summit will split into 3 tracks - an international plenary session and separate US and Canadian tracks which are all tailored to give you expert-level insights into topics such as licensing, legislative efforts, siting opportunities, finance, supply chain needs and opportunities and much more. 

With over 16 countries represented in 2017 the Annual SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit provides exclusive insight into the exciting market prospects for SMRs and Advanced Reactors, offering you the opportunity to get a head start over your competitors.

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Session 1: International Market Updates - Regulatory, Government and Competitive Landscape
  • Get to grips with recent interaction between international nuclear regulators in best preparing for the licensing of next generation nuclear technologies so you can best prepare for the regulatory landscape ahead
  • Realize the opportunities in the Canadian market for SMR and advanced reactor deployment, pinpoint your organizations role and understand the potential end users across the country for micro, small and advanced reactors
  • Gain insight into the UK government SMR competition, understand the latest updates and the potential the UK holds for an SMR deployment site
Session 2: Exploring Exciting Opportunities to Deploy SMRs Globally
  • Understand the potential for US companies to export SMR technology overseas and understand your role in re-establishing the US as the leader in nuclear power once again
  • Familiarize yourself with the opportunities for SMR deployment in the Middle East, Africa, China, South-East Asia, South America and beyond to identify the projects your company should support
  • Get to grips with the various technologies and their applicability for certain markets, including micro (>50MW), small modular and advanced reactors, allowing you to map out the opportunities in the years to come for your company
Session 3: US Regulatory Updates - Working to Modify the Regulatory Framework
  • Get updates on how the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US NRC) has been working to modify its regulatory framework to accommodate non-LWR technologies, resulting in a more efficient licensing process for applicants 
  • Understand how the industry works with the US NRC to modify the regulatory framework and understand how their changes can lead to greater cost-efficiencies in licensing a SMR or advanced reactor
  • Hear an update from US trailblazers NuScale Power, giving an update on their SMR project which is currently undergoing the design certification application, ensuring you are aware of project progress and the road ahead
Session 3: Understand the Role of the Canadian Government in the SMR Industry
  • Understand the Federal Government of Canada’s push for clean energy across the country, including the June 2017 report on nuclear power from the Standing Committee on Natural Resources that advocates for SMR and advanced reactor concept exploration
  • Get to grips with the role of the provincial government in the deployment of SMR technologies and map out the applicability of different reactor variants to specific provinces, allowing you to prepare your Canada SMR deployment strategy
  • Interact with Canadian government officials and members of the industry allowing to explore SMR export opportunities both to and from Canada
Session 4: US Government Insights – Where the Federal and State Governments Stand on SMRs
  • Hear senior level insights from the US Department of Energy focusing on their work within the SMR and advanced reactor industry and the road ahead under a new administration, assuring you of the future of the next generation nuclear industry
  • Understand State level support for nuclear power and SMR and advanced reactor technologies, understand the nuances of state siting requirements in order to best prepare for eventual SMR deployment
  • Get to grips with the various opportunities for export assistance, loan support and much more from the US Federal Government and how they are preparing to receive requests to export SMR and advanced reactor technologies overseas, ensuring your business is best prepared for future project commitments 
Session 4: Establishing a State of Readiness for Licensing a SMR or Advanced Reactor
  • Understand the work done by the CNSC in establishing a state of readiness for licensing a SMR or advanced reactor which will lead to a safe and efficient licensing process
  • Get to grips with the CNSC’s work in establishing a graded approach and how this could be applicable to licensing a SMR or advanced reactor, which will notify the licensee as to the progress of their application and reassuring stakeholders and investors
  • Hear about how the CNSC has been working with international regulators and the nuclear industry to best understand the requirements and technical nuances of SMR and advanced reactor licensing
Session 5: US End User Perspectives
  • Hear from US utility leaders involved in SMR projects to understand their role in the planning process, siting for FOAK deployment, environmental impacts and much more, allowing you to best align yourselves with projects that need your expertise
  • Get to grips with the potential for alternative applications for SMR and advanced reactors in the US, such as hybrid generation alongside renewable sources of energy, industry support, heat generation and desalination, which make SMRs and advanced reactors more economically viable
  • Understand how SMR technologies may be applicable to the Department of Defence’s consideration of clean technologies, including micro reactor deployment at US military forward operating bases and in military installations across the US, which will open opportunities for contractors
Session 5: Paving the Way Ahead for SMR Deployment in Canada
  • Get fresh updates from Canadian Nuclear Laboratories who will delve into the work they are doing to advance SMR and advanced reactor deployment in Canada, which will allow you to understand your role in the industry
  • Get to grips with supply chain needs, as well as existing nuclear capabilities in Canada, that will need to be addressed for SMR deployment to go ahead
  • Understand the expertise of the Canadian nuclear industry in Candu reactors and nuclear R&D that will be essential in driving their SMR and advanced reactor industry forward
Session 6: Driving Down SMR Project Costs in the US
  • Explore the viability of methods and technologies such as additive manufacturing, lasers and modular construction that will drive down SMR project costs in the future
  • Hear from case studies in nuclear and other industries that will share best practices in keeping costs low, which will allow you to best prepare for your SMR project
  • Understand the vast supply chain opportunities that SMR projects pose, map out developer needs for the future and discuss challenges such as fuel and export issues that will lead to the efficient deployment of SMR technologies
Session 6: Mapping out the End User
  • Interact with the unique end users in Canada, such as remote communities, mining companies, arctic stations and off grid support that could be the eventual end users of micro and small modular reactors
  • Fully comprehend the political and social aspects that differ from the US, understand how working with indigenous and remote communities to understand their needs and how your project could benefit them
  • Hear from OPG and Bruce Power who will be giving you crucial insights into the work they are doing to prepare for eventual SMR and advanced reactor deployment in Ontario, allowing you to align yourself with the end users that match your company’s capabilities 

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