Top Industry Leaders Confirmed to Speak Include:

  • Pierre Oneid
    Pierre Oneid Senior Vice President & Chief Nuclear Officer
    Holtec International
  • Mary Fisher
    Mary Fisher Senior Director, Fort Calhoun Station Decommissioning
  • Jeff Dostal
    Jeff Dostal Decommissioning Director
  • Art Rob
    Art Rob Vice President Nuclear Decommissioning
  • Loren Sharp
    Loren Sharp Senior Director Decommissioning, Diablo Canyon & Humboldt Bay
  • Rounette Nader
    Rounette NaderDirector, Nuclear Policy and Support
    Duke Energy

With a record 400 attendees, over 50 of the industry's leading speakers and a brand new Yucca Mountain Panel session, the Nuclear Decommissioning and Used Fuel Strategy Summit returns as North America's premier meeting point for decommissioning and used fuel industry professionals.

The summit has been designed to help you:

  • Assess changing decommissioning contracting models and weigh up the pros and cons of each method, allowing you to better plan for future decommissioning projects
  • Hear fresh updates on the New Administration’s energy policy, including Yucca Mountain funding, nuclear’s role in the energy mix and easing regulatory burdens
  • Get the latest on interim and long-term used fuel storage including recent CIS applications, transportation challenges and aging management programs to ensure you’re up to date with the next steps for safely managing disposal
  • Gain valuable insights into cost estimation best practices that will help to form viable trust fund management for future decommissioning and manage costs on current decommissioning projects
  • Understand the work being done by the NRC with the exploration of a rulemaking that would amend NRC regulations, such as 10 CFR Parts 26, 50, 52, 73 and 140, for the decommissioning of nuclear power reactors
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Find out why the nuclear decommissioning and used fuel summit will be the biggest and best ever in 2017:


Executive Level




Hours of Networking Time


Industry Leading Speakers


Exhibition Booths - Almost Sold Out!

New for 2017

Yucca Mountain Panel Session


Improved Interactive Roundtable Sessions

New for 2017

Exclusive Closed-Door Utility Workshop

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Confirmed Utility Representatives for 2017 include:

  • sce
  • TVA
    Ontario Power Generation
    NextEra Energy
  • Maine Yankee
    xcel Energy
  • entergy
    DTE Energy

Testimonials from the industry’s leading decommissioning and used fuel organizations:


    "The conference was very informative and interactive. There was great participation from the various organizations in the nuclear industry which made it successful"

    - OPG
  • Holtec International

    "I love this conference, the organizers and venue have all been fabulous. I greatly enjoy the presentations and they certainly help provide me with the hot details of the industry"

    - Holtec International
  • U.S. Department of Energy

    "This summit provides an excellent singular source of information and resources on decommissioning trends and lessons. Well worth the time"

    - U.S. Department of Energy
  • US Ecology

    "The Nuclear Energy Insider Decommissioning Summit is a very valuable industry resource for US Ecology. It is very well planned and executed by the Insider staff and offers a tremendous value in terms of access to the latest updates on nuclear decommissioning projects and industry trends. It has become a staple on our company's conference calendar"

    - US Ecology
  • Talisman International

    "Excellent opportunity to maintain industry awareness and hear from industry leaders. Very good for networking"

    - Talisman International
  • Excel Services

    "The conference material was very informative and there was ample opportunity to ask questions of the presenters. The conference schedule also provided the necessary amount of time needed to network with other colleagues. Would recommend attending this conference to anyone looking for utility decommissioning experience information and lessons learned"

    - Excel Services
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Already confirmed for 2017:

  • 3M
  • Areva
  • atkins
  • Bechtel
  • blackVeatch
  • BurnsMcDonnell
  • BWXT
  • day-zimmerman
  • enercon
  • energysolutions
  • fluor
  • kurion-veolia
  • NAC
  • morganlewis
  • Siempelkamp
  • sarens
  • TN-Americas
  • wcs
  • westinghouse
  • pwc
  • Robatel

A Handful of the Top Names Confirmed to Attend in 2017 - Record Numbers Expected This Year!

President and Chief Nuclear Officer, NextEra Energy Vice President, Decommissioning & Chief Nuclear Officer, SCE/SONGS
Director, Nuclear Regulatory Policy, Xcel Energy Senior Director Decommissioning, Diablo Canyon & Humboldt Bay, PG&E
Senior Director, Fort Calhoun Station Decommissioning, OPPD Director of Eastern Used Fuel and Deep Geologic Repository, OPG
Director, Nuclear Policy & Support, Duke Energy Senior Manager, Nuclear Fuel Programs and Oversight, TVA
License Renewal Lead – Fermi 2, DTE Energy Senior Counsel, Entergy
Get your copy of the 2017 summit brochure here

Leading Companies that Have Attended the Nuclear Decommissioning & Used Fuel Summit

  • sce
  • Duke Energy
  • Areva
  • Entergy
  • Holtec
  • PG&E
  • Department of Energy
  • NAC International
  • Manafort
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • EnergySolutions
  • Aecom
  • Barnhart
  • AMEC
  • CBI
  • XcelEnergy
  • Jacobs
  • Oglethorpe Power
  • OPPD
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Register your attendance early to get the best rate available - plus group rates now available for 2+ attendees!

With 2 conference tracks, 50+ expert industry speakers, a record 400+ attendees and an even bigger exhibition space, make sure your business isn’t missing out on opportunities by not having enough representation at the summit. Bring a colleague (or your whole team) and benefit from the new group rates for 2+ attendees. Discounts go up incrementally… So the more people you bring, the more you save!

Group Discounts Available for 2+ Attendees
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Record Numbers Of Sponsors And Exhibitors Already Confirmed for 2017!

2017 Gold Sponsors

  • The Dickerson Group
  • Holtec
  • TN Americas

2017 Silver Sponsors

  • aecom
  • Energy Solutions
  • Kenrich
  • Manafort
  • NAC
  • NWDemo
  • PwC
  • Robatel
  • us-ecology

2017 Bronze Sponsors

  • ABZ
  • Atkins
  • Bechtel
  • Black & Veatch
  • Haley & Aldrich
  • Morgan Lewis
  • Nikkeikin
  • Penhall
  • Plant Decom
  • TSSD
  • Westinghouse
  • Williams
  • wow

2017 Exhibitors

  • 3M
  • Bigge
  • Buckner
  • HTMS
  • independence demo
  • mammoet
  • Peterseninc
  • Premier
  • Sarens
  • secur
  • WCS

2017 Industry Partners

  • OCNI
  • UXC

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