Solutions to drive safety, reliability and economic performance through the digitalization of nuclear power plants

The 2nd Annual Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference is the premier global meeting point for the nuclear digitalization community, where insight is shared on using the Digitalization of Nuclear Power Plants to optimize reliability, safety and performance. With digital technologies, data analytics, records management and automated programs all identified by utilities as stand-out contributors for cost reduction, the utilisation of digitalization is key to reducing future operation and production costs.

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  • Session 1: Using Digital Transformation to Deliver the ‘Nuclear Promise’
    Using Digitization to Get 30% Cost-Savings – And Beyond!
    • Hear an update on the latest progress towards ‘delivering the nuclear promise’ to increase the nuclear industry’s efficiency by 30% by 2018
    • Understand the digital techniques that have been utilized to date to drive safety and reliability to deliver the nuclear promise
    • Learn how digitalization can be utilized in the near-future to assist your organization in increasing economic-efficiency
    CIO Utility Panel Session: Promoting Excellence in Information Technology & Digital Strategies
    • Hear from leading CIO’s about pioneering practical ways to use technology to utilize the optimal information technology strategies
    • Recognize the vision and leadership required to manage technologies and drive towards the nuclear promise through a holistic digital strategy
    • Gain an understanding of how utilities are harnessing digital strategies including resources, technology innovation and IT initiatives to ensure effective delivery and support of technology systems
    CIO & CTO Vendor Panel Session: Modernization & Transformation within Computing Platforms
    • Understand the importance of modernizing applications prior to installing digital technologies to ensure long-term success and economic efficiency
    • Hear CTO’s and CIO’s practical ways they are using to transform computer platforms through re-platforming and re-writing
    • Learn how to upgrade boutique engineering systems such as XP machines so your organization can move forward with the digital transformation
    How the Defense Industry has Driven Digital Transformation: Lessons to Apply to the Nuclear Industry
    • Hear how digital techniques are being successfully utilized in other industries and which of these could be applied to the nuclear industry to improve efficiencies
    • Recognize the lessons learned and benchmarking strategies used in the defense industry to manage and restructure business processes in line with current technical capabilities
    • Understand how culture and change management challenges have been addressed to embrace the digital transformation
    Session 2: Facilitating an Innovative Culture Change
    Creating an Innovative Culture in a Heavily-Regulated Industry
    • Understand how Exelon have successfully adopted an innovative culture across their nuclear fleet and overcome the challenges faced by a controlled nuclear regulatory environment
    • Recognize the lessons learned during this adoption of an innovative culture and how the solutions utilized by Exelon can be applied to other nuclear fleets
    • Hear the work that Exelon are doing to create ‘The Digital Plant’, and produce an entire digital experience across their fleet  
    Make Your Workforce Thrive: Address Change Management During the Digital Transformation
    • Ensure a controlled and structured process of technology adoption to leverage the technology better and optimally suit your organization
    • Learn the optimal techniques to adapt vendor and utility processes, organizations and skills sets within a resistant workforce including training, pilots and simulators
    • Understand the importance of using pilots and new tools in preparation for digital systems to ensure a smoother integration
    Take Hold of Your Digital Transformation Plans
    • Recognize how your organization can be transformed through the adoption of digital systems
    • Understand how digitalization is creating a convergence between IT and Engineering teams within nuclear power plants to protect against cyber security threats and data loss
    • Recognize how embracing the digital transformation will create viable opportunities to improve efficiencies, productivity of humans and business processes
    Session 3: The Latest Predictive Analytics and I&C Upgrades
    Case Study - Southern Nuclear: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Advanced Data Analytics
    • Establish clear methodology for evaluating different vendor options for data analytics to successfully compare competing technologies and ensure the best-fit for your organization
    • Understand the impact of additional work required to develop the model and capability of analytic platforms and how this can affect development costs
    • Learn how to effectively benchmark initial investment to improve clarity and more successfully estimate future ROI
    Leveraging Technology to Reduce Risk and Optimize Reliability
    • Understand how to reduce risk through analytic-based predictive maintenance to drive reactor reliability
    • Learn how leveraging smart technology and turning data into actionable intelligence allows utilities to quantify risk and allow for better decision-making
    • Understand how leveraging intelligent software and devices allows for more effective monitoring and control of reactor conditions
    The Digital Languages of the Future
    • Learn about evolving standardisation practices in industrial control systems as the internet of things rolls through to allow better utilization of data
    • Understand the impact that the high-number of standards and protocols for industrial control systems has on the industry
    • Understand the requirement for consolidation and standardisation within industrial control systems for protocols and standards
    Create a Smart Core: Address Challenges when Implementing Digital I&C Upgrades in Your Business
    • Recognize the key drivers for using extensive and highly-integrated I&C systems including ageing and obsolete equipment and the Nuclear Promise initiative
    • Hear about the challenges that have been faced when completing nuclear plant digital upgrades including extended outages, inadvertent plant trips and protracted regulatory reviews
    • Learn how challenges have been addressed to develop digital experience, update existing methods and tools to address technical issues and create a paradigm shift within an organization’s culture
    Ensure Safety and Efficiency within Mobility Working and Come Out on Top
    • Hear how digital progressions in mobility working such as EAM screens and systems can increase time-efficiency and provide management with more direct control
    • Understand the impact that increased mobility working can have on safety and how to address safety concerns when using mobile work platforms on a nuclear power plant
    • Recognize the importance of preparation and training to ensure your workforce has the appropriate skills and capabilities to work in a mobile environment to ensure efficiency
    Session 4: Reducing Cyber Security Threats
    Cyber security and information assurance in the digital era: leadership, maturity, agility and transformation
    • Discover the objectives, requirements, model standards and regulatory expectations for transformation of cyber security in the US nuclear sector
    • Understand views on leadership, maturity and agility of information assurance
    • Gain an insight into the need for cyber risk aware culture, continuous improvement planning and the critical requirement to ensure and test robust resilience plans
    Wake-up Call: The Pace of Quantum Cryptography
    • Recognize the rapidly-increasing pace of advancements within quantum computing and the future-threat this could pose to your organization 
    • Better prepare your organization to counteract major cyber threats by learning about the evolving practices within quantum cryptography
    • Recognize the long-term impact that quantum computing could have across the entire nuclear industry
    Keeping cyber security regulations in line with evolving security threats: moving towards digitalization within cyber security
    • Better understand the cyber security regulatory requirements to ensure you can come up with optimal techniques to mitigate risk
    • Hear how regulations are being advanced to standardise cyber security policies to ensure that all plants can implement policies in a similar way
    • Recognize how the NRC are working to ensure cyber security regulations meet shifting cyber threats and ensure that evolving technologies can be implemented in line with regulations
    Establishing a Realistic Budget to Maintain Systems’ Cyber Security
    • Recognize the importance of a programme of ongoing investment in cyber security to keep up with the evolving cyber threats
    • Gain clarity about both the hard- and soft-benefits of investment into cybersecurity which need to be considered when conducting cost-benefit analyses
    • Hear how the how the deployment of increased cyber security can account for hidden costs and reduce future economic risks
    Session 5: Evolvements in Records & Configuration Management
    Evolving Practices within Electronic Work Packages
    • Get an overview of the evolving practices within electronic work package development including package generation and standardisation
    • Hear about developments within laboratories to increase standardisation of EWP’s and subsequently assist the Nuclear Promise initiative in being achieved
    • Hear about successful EWP integration that has taken place within US utilities and how this can create economic efficiency within an organization
    Maintaining Quality Records: Do You Understand the Importance?
    • Recognize the importance of retaining, cleaning and maintaining data to a high standard to ensure effective future data retrieval
    • Create a holistic view of records being curated whilst being subject to programmatic controls to ensure your electronic files are meeting obligations
    • Consider a complete infrastructure approach when implementing records retention, modification and disaster recovery
    The Next Big Thing in Configuration Management: Integrated Systems for Digital Upgrades
    • Learn how an effective transition to an integrated configuration and information management system can create future cost-efficiencies
    • Understand the challenges with using a ‘multiple database’ model of old stations and the limitations of existing systems being used for a Configuration Management Information System model
    • Learn how integrated configuration management systems are evolving within the nuclear industry and what the industry needs to do to attain truly centralized configuration management
    Meeting Regulatory Requirements when Maintaining Data and Records
    • Hear about the work being conducted by the NRC to upgrade data and record maintenance regulations and QA1 documents to facilitate a simpler implementation of 2D and 3D models
    • Learn how to ensure that regulatory requirements are adhered to whilst maintaining, curating and storing data and records in one integrated configuration management and information system and
    • Understand the optimal ways ensure sure that approved data in a record repository matches database information within 2D and 3D models and they don’t become mismatched

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