5th Annual

Small Modular Reactor Summit

14-15 April 2015 | Charlotte, NC

Ensure success in a rapidly changing SMR market: discover new global applications, address licensing challenges and source fresh funding in 2015

Join more than 300 of the global nuclear industries leading SMR executives and stakeholders for two days of intensive discussion over the future of the industry. Ensure your company takes advantage of this unique opportunity to shape the future of SMRs by securing your seat at the table for this year's pioneering agenda.

The leading names already confirmed to participate in 2015...

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SMRs: In terminal decline or on the brink of a comeback?

The US Small Modular Reactor (SMR) industry has witnessed a series of setbacks over the past six months; progress in 2015 will determine the success of this promising yet risky venture. 

Despite this, the SMR industry’s strongest proponents have not been deterred from engaging in crucial discussions over the future of the industry. 

Giving you unique insight, Nuclear Energy Insider spoke to 50+ of the industry’s most influential executives to cut to the heart of the critical questions and innovative solutions being discussed in board rooms, policy meetings and working groups right now. 

US Small Modular Reactor Report

Why the Small Modular Reactor Summit 2015 will be pivotal to your business development

Building on the impressive success of four previous Small Modular Reactor conferences, Nuclear Energy Insider is excited to announce the return of the thought leading SMR discussion with the Small Modular Reactor Summit 2015.

After researching the global SMR and Advanced Reactor community with 60+ key executives and stakeholders the message was clear – you wanted:

  • An agenda that promotes direct discussion of the key challenges in SMRs that are beyond the technology
  • A close analysis of potential markets and alternative industrial applications for SMRs in cogeneration, manufacturing and process heat
  • Clear promotion of ‘cathedral style’ thinking that looks at the road blocks to SMR commercialization and intelligently assesses the critical next steps

Who we spoke to:

Who we spoke to:

Great gathering of nuclear experts looking for the future of nuclear
Milko Kovachev, Vice President, Rosatom Overseas

Check out the full agenda here

Some of the 300+ leading names that attended in 2014:

Some of the critical topics covered include:

  • Key insight into the critical strategies being proposed to support the first-of-a-kind construction of SMR’s in the US, such as federal tax incentive initiatives and the challenge of assembling a demonstration facility
  • An understanding of the core concerns held by executives over the ability of the SMR industry to efficiently localize a supply chain for reactor construction
  • Assessment of the current challenges affecting design certification via the licensing process and analysis of the next steps required to ensure regulatory clarity ahead of design submission

Check out the full report here

Plus we've added a host of new and exclusive features for 2015 that you won't find anywhere else:

  • Unprecedented speaker interaction - Engage with expert speakers in focused panel sessions that will examine and unlock the critical challenges facing SMR commercialization and deployment 
  • Focused advanced reactor sessions - Evaluate funding routes, fuel infrastructure and material innovations in order to understand the real economics behind one of the SMR industry’s most exciting growth areas
  • Clarity over international markets for SMRs – Understand SMRs applications in ‘developed’ vs. ‘embarking’ nuclear markets in order to accurately identify exciting opportunities for your business in brand new markets

Put that alongside our pioneering speakers and it is clear this is the pivotal meeting of 2015, but don't just take our word for it:

A must-do conference for those interested in learning about this very promising technology

Duane Olcsvary, Director of Supply Chain, TVA

Timely and relevant information with great speakers

Mark Peres, Executive Project Director, Fluor

Check out all the fantastic names that attended last year right here

Group discounts now available

With representatives from the across the nuclear industry already confirmed to attend, including other utilities and government bodies, this is the premier event of 2015 to help you understand the inherent risks and also the limitless possibilities with SMRs.

Over 300 senior executives from across the global nuclear industry will be in attendance. For that very reason, we are pleased to announce that group discounts are available. You can bring your team and make the most of the networking, learning and exhibition area.

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