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Small Modular Reactor Report 2013

Global Perspective

Your guide to identify and configure commercial application and global market opportunities in the post-licensing period

The past twelve months have given way to a series of milestones in SMR global development. Nuclear Energy Insider's SMR Report 2013 provides you with the data, analysis and industry insights you need to construct a commercial framework best placed to optimize opportunities in the global SMR industry.

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This report will provide you with detailed data and analysis on:

  • Global SMR Portfolio: A comprehensive technological overview of the global SMR portfolio, including critical cost data, commercial development statuses and vendor insights to help you best plan your 2013 SMR strategy
  • Industry Road-Mapping: Updates on the global industry alliances and consortiums being formed now to help you secure contracts for the post-licensing period
  • Commercial SMR Application: Understand which SMR designs are suited to which applications to help you plan for market opportunities in 2013 and beyond
  • Global Market Opportunities: Insights from government officials, policy makers and leading utilities to help you identify the key global markets for deployment, likelihood for uptake and business opportunities
  • Nuclear Energy Insider’s SMR Survey (February 2013): Unparalleled insight into the SMR designs, operational applications and markets being backed for success, commercial deployment estimates, and anticipated revenue streams

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Your key questions answered:

  • What are the commercial strategies and timeframes for deployment of the leading global SMR vendors? 
  • Which SMR designs are being backed for global success by utilities and policy makers in 2013? 
  • Am I likely to draw more revenue from the US or non-US SMR market?  
  • When do I need to source, pitch for and secure supply-chain contracts in time for commercial deployment?

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Why SMR? Why 2013?

2013 is the year which will demonstrate the commercial values of SMR technology globally. The past six months alone have given way to a series of significant announcements:

Industry Funding:

  • In Novemeber 2012, the DOE announced as part of its $452mil government costshare program it would support the accelerated design certification and licensing of the B&W 180 MW MPower design
  • In March 2013, the DOE also announced a second funding solicitation with awards due to be announced by the fall of 2013

First Licensed Integral Reactor:

  • In July 2012 KAERI’s SMART reactor was issued the Standard Design Approval (SDA) by the Korean Nuclear Safety and Security Commission, making it the world’s first licensed integral reactor

Commercial Operational Applications:

  • SMRs also have a unique chance to have a diverse and different portfolio of clientele with designs being suited to application in (though not restricted to) Power generation, Desalination, District heating, Mining operations and Military bases

While these industry developments signal the strongest commitment towards commercial deployment to date and adds weight to projected deployment timeframes, the SMR industry is concurrently garnering increased attention from utilities considering SMRs as a viable replacement for retiring fossil and nuclear plants. 

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Months of market research compiled in an easy to digest format:

  • Pages: 100+
  • Tables: 15+
  • Figures: 50+
  • Publication Date: March 2013
  • Format: Secure PDF

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The Nuclear Energy Insider SMR Report 2013 presents an excellent, comprehensive and current reference document for this fast growing and truly Global nuclear market segment. Diverse in both scope and world coverage, the reader is able to compare and contrast all types of SMR technologies while also understanding the fundamental market drivers; this provides an ideal view- ( with very useful detail) from any perspective-;whether the reader is a potential developer/investor/client, an interested supply chain vendor-SME or other stakeholder-regulator-government official.

Mark Campagna, Senior Director, ABS Consulting

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