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3rd Annual

Nuclear D&D Supply Chain Conference

19-20 November 2013 | Hilton Executive Park Hotel, Charlotte, North Carolina

**Please note the 2013 conference is now closed. To get all the presentations and audio material from the conference, please take a look here. To pre-order next year's brochure, you can register your interest here**

Develop an integrated approach to large scale D&D programs by implementing proven strategies, new technologies and international expertise

The US' leading D&D meeting is back for the third year running, with more industry critical lessons from leading experts than ever before.

US Department of Energy FirstEnergy EDF EPRI
PG&E Zion Solutions CB&I Nuclear Energy Institute
  • Hear the latest updates on major government and commercial D&D programs to take away best practice that can be applied to present and future decommissioning strategies
  • Understand the procurement initiatives being implemented on D&D projects across the globe to ensure quality and safety is instilled in your supply chain
  • Obtain business critical insight into DOE funding and commercial decommissioning financing to assess where future investment will be made
  • Assess the progress of international decommissioning projects to learn from the success and experience gained outside the US
  • Discover the ground-breaking technologies dramatically altering the face of decommissioning by cutting costs and delays

Delegates already confirmed to attend include

AECL areva bechtel black_and_veatch
Duke-Energy Energysolutions SCE SDGE

Download the brochure here to get a complete breakdown of the expert speaker line-up and agenda

New features and highlights for 2013

Nuclear industry trends panel session
Get the latest on what the future holds for the nuclear industry in the US and around the globe. Hear about the increasingly important role that D&D is going to play in the nuclear mix and understand what effect this will have on the industry.

More international case studies
Learn about the decommissioning efforts taking place across the world, including updates from EDF in France and progress being made at Fukushima. Find out what’s in store for Magnox and AWE in the UK in 2014 and beyond.

Insight into commercial reactor decommissioning
2013 has seen a number of NPPs come offline and the trend is predicted to continue. Develop your knowledge of commercial reactor decommissioning through industry forecasts, updates on projects already underway and future plans from the NPP owners

Take a look at who will be presenting on these industry critical topics by downloading the brochure here 


2013 has been a turbulent year for the US nuclear industry and recent analysis predicts that this trend is set to continue. With low natural gas prices and tightening fiscal policy, it is more than likely that the industry will see more plant closures in 2014. At the other end of the D&D spectrum, DOE environmental management is once again managing complex clean-up missions on an increasingly austere budget. Take a look at some of the key facts and figures for the D&D industry below.


Commercial reactor decommissioning updates
  • Closure of Kewaunee, Crystal River 3, San Onofre 2 & 3 in 2013 and Vermont Yankee to shut down in 2014
  • Many industry experts predict that more reactors will come offline prematurely in 2014
  • NRC estimates decommissioning for one reactor to be $325 million, but costs are often in excess of $500 million
  • Plant owners have up to 60 years to decommission one reactor
  • Post-accident decommissioning leads to significantly higher costs and threats; dismantling TMI 2 will cost almost $1 billion
  • Since the Fukushima accident, the site has been plagued by challenges and it’s predicted that clean-up could cost over $250 billion
Department of Energy clean-up breakdown
  • The U.S Department of Energy manages the clean-up of 107 nuclear facilities across the USA
  • Each faces a wealth of unique challenges from tank closures, managing residual radioactivity and dismantling complex structures
  • Clean-up has been completed on over 90 of these sites, but there is still significant work to be done on the remaining facilities
  • In 2013, Hanford hit the headlines due to leaking tanks at the site; extensive work is underway to contain the leaks
  • Fiscal policy continues to be one of the major challenges facing DOE environmental management
  • Technology and innovation are key to successfully completing D&D to time and cost

Once again the Nuclear D&D Supply Chain Conference will be addressing the major challenges highlighted above and more, to ensure that the D&D of all nuclear facilities in the region is executed safely in a cost efficient manner. Take a look at the agenda to get insight into the major topics and case studies that will be discussed at the conference. 

5 key reasons to attend the Nuclear D&D Supply Chain Conference

  • Meet 150+ of the US D&D industry’s leading experts over 2 days to ensure you’re networking with all the major buyers, contractors and leading experts
  • Hear from all the major buyers from key DOE sites, utilities and international D&D project owners
  • Understand the latest regulations from the NRC and DOE to ensure that all projects, products and services are compliant with the latest requirements
  • Benefit from expert knowledge on technical developments and innovation from the industry’s leading experts to ensure programs are delivered on time and on budget
  • Make full use of the interactive sessions to make sure you get answers to all your D&D related challenges

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