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Nuclear Knowledge Management & Cyber Security Conference

17th - 18th June 2015, The Hilton, Cardiff

The Nuclear knowledge Management and Cyber Security Conference is now over! But there's still a lot of interesting content from it you can still access...

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Enhance knowledge and information transparency along your nuclear supply chain whilst maintaining the highest standards of cyber security

NDA EDF Energy Sellafield ONR
Rakesh Burgul
Security Manager
George Borlodan
Pre-Operations Director
EDF Energy
John Day
Head of Knowledge Management
Robert Orr
Head of Information and Cyber Security Civil Nuclear Security Programme
Magnox EDF Energy CGI UK Ltd Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
Bob Radford
Knowledge and Information Lead
Melanie Sachar
Knowledge Management Lead
EDF Energy
Dr Andrew Rogoyski
Head of Cyber Security
Richard Bach
Assistant Director Cyber Security
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • Uncover a strategy to help maintain, manage and capture knowledge effectively so you can ensure a seamless transition through staffing challenges

  • Discover how the NDA’s Information Governance Programme will be implemented to enhance efficiency across the NDA estate

  • Gain insight into limiting cyber-attacks whilst still maintaining the benefits of interconnectivity through networked IT systems

  • Understand the principles of the cyber essentials scheme and access guidance, tools and techniques to ensure your sensitive and commercial information is secure

  • Limit the potential impacts of cyber-attacks by creating a security culture across all levels of your business

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dnv-glFeatured Workshop Opportunity

Workshop:Your KM story: from here to eternity.

We tell stories to our children. We tell stories around the table. We tell stories to our friends. We stop telling stories when we go to work.

In fact the reason we should focus on stories is that they can provide practical, local examples of how KM can benefit the business. Stories can also enhance knowledge transfer in ways that are make an expert’s experiences more memorable than other techniques.

Using the principles of storytelling:

• Share your KM journey so far and learn from your peers using a board game designed by DNV GL in partnership with Sellafield Ltd

• Co-create the next parts of your KM journey from now until some point in the future. Identify what the journey has entailed. Describe what the end point looks like. Discuss the internal and external factors that make the story reality. Identify which dragons had to be slain whilst getting there.


Michael Kelleher
Principal Consultant Knowledge Management Competency Centre,

Cyber Essentials Workshop:

The average cost of the worst cyber-attack could cost a large organisation could be between £600,000 and £1.15 million, for smaller businesses it is £65,000 and £115,000. Come to QG Management Standards’ workshop to find out how cyber essentials can save you money and keep you secure

  • Ensure your supply chain is protected in the event of a devastating cyber-attack with leading security experts QG Management Standards
  • Understand how Cyber Essentials tools can protect businesses in the event of a cyber-attack by ensuring the security of their supply chain
Brian Lightowler
Managing Director,
QG Management Standards
Tony Wilson
Managing Director,
Indelible Data

The workshops will enable you to:

  • Identify, safeguard and retain critical knowledge and skills throughout your supply chain
  • Build and update critical knowledge and skills ‘just-in-time’ and at the point of action
  • Exchange and transfer knowledge, lessons learned and proven practices across operations, regions & companies
  • Support knowledge-intensive collaboration by tools which gives access to all required information & expertise

Meet the Organisers:

Nuclear Energy Insider has over a decades experience of running niche events for the nuclear sector. We are working alongside some of the industry’s thought leaders to ensure we target the right audiences and speaker line-ups. A special thanks to those that have helped us put the event together:

Melanie Sachar
Knowledge Management Lead
EDF Energy
Rakesh Burgul
Security Manager
Michael Kelleher
Principal Consultant - Knowledge Management Competency Centre
Ian Bonnett
Davies Nuclear Associates

Our Industry Partners:

DNA EDF Energy EDF Energy

The Worlds Only Nuclear Knowledge Management and Cyber Security Conference is here

  • Cyber-crime estimated to cost the UK £27billion per annum
  • The NDA receiving nearly 30,000 cyber-attacks every day
  • The NDA’s Information Governance Strategy will be a key area of focus for the decommissioning sector in 2015 as an attempt to standardise information and knowledge management, intellectual property and ICT.
  • In the UK alone 70% of high skilled nuclear labour is set to retire by 2025 creating a skills gap of 14,000 people.

Here's what our attendees think of our Nuclear Energy Insider events:

Great networking event where you can meet companies that are leading the way in the European nuclear industry

John Pacy, Lead Engineer, Magnox


A valuable topical insight into the strategy, knowledge base and new development in the nuclear decommissioning sector

Les Abrahams, Site Integration Specialist, Sellafield


The content was varied and highly relevant. The attendees were a good mix of contractors, regulators, licence holders with a strong international presence

Jeremy Hunt, Senior Project Manager, Sellafield


A good mix of high level strategy through to case studies on real projects

Sean Amos, Liabilities Specialist, AWE


Excellent event, outstanding opportunity to engage with customers, suppliers and stakeholders

Keith Miller, Head of Marketing, National Nuclear Laboratory

National Nuclear Laboratory
Michael Vickery
Michael Vickery
Industry Analyst
Nuclear Energy Insider
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