A 2 Day Agenda Packed with the Latest Case Studies, Technologies and Industry Analysis

It’s clear that if Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management organisations want their existing and upcoming projects to succeed, they need to optimise their supply chains performance and take note of the best practise of their industry peers and from other successful large scale project industries.

The agenda for NDC2018 has been designed to help your organisation enhance its project planning capabilities, bringing you success stories from major operators, tech showcases from the most innovative service providers and interactive sessions to broaden your European network. Scroll down to see a snapshot of the agenda!

For a full breakdown of the agenda sessions, download the conference brochure here

Agenda highlights:

Interactive cybersecurity workshop 4 interactive
Maintenance & Reliability New
Innovation Showcase
Technology zone - try out the latest gadgets European Exclusive Case Study from EnergySolutions


08:45-09:00 Introductions & Chairman Welcome

Louis Thomas Project Director Nuclear Energy Insider

09:00-09:30 IAEA Welcome Speech
  • Get up to date on the key developments across the nuclear decommissioning and waste management industries over the last 10 years.
  • Discover the latest initiatives the IAEA have created to help you navigate your industry challenges with more ease and efficiency.
  • Find out which projects will be key for the IAEA and discover the lessons’ learnt which are most applicable to your upcoming plans.

IAEA Vladimir Michal Acting Sector Head - Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation IAEA

09:30-10:00 Feedback from Some Key Nuclear Decommissioning Projects: The Westinghouse Experience
  • Hear a case study covering the lessons learnt from 13 different reactor dismantling projects and how these can apply to your operations.
  • Find out how the industry develops their strategies in Europe.
  • Discover how Westinghouse adapts and overcomes new challenges.

Westinghouse Electric Company Joseph Boucau Director of D&D Business Development Westinghouse Electric Company

10:00-10:30 Nuclear Decommissioning Projects in France
  • Hear an update on all of EDF’s decommissioning programs in France.
  • Learn how Cyclife maintain sustainable operations while managing public and political pressures.
  • Discover the ways in which Cyclife have implemented new methods and technologies to optimise their decommissioning performance and how these were adopted.

EDF Cyclife Guilhem Le Roy CTO EDF Cyclife

11:00-11:30 Energy Solutions Presentation: SONGS, Zion & LaCrosse updates
  • Hear a European Exclusive update on the SONGS, Zion and LaCrosse projects: a decommissioning project accelerated by 12 years speaks for itself.
  • Find out which lessons can be learnt from these global leaders to optimise planning and schedules of nuclear decommissioning projects and how these can be applied in Europe.
  • Re-think traditional decommissioning strategies and look at how the EnergySolutions approach can reduce the costs of your projects while speeding them up.

EnergySolutions John Sauger VP & CNO EnergySolutions

11:30-12:30 Nuclear Decommissioning Finance Q&A and Panel Discussion
  • Participate in the conference’s first interactive session and join the Q&A with a panel of industry experts. Find out how each address financial challenges and where the opportunities for your business fit into national decommissioning programs.
  • Hear insights spanning not just the European Nuclear Decommissioning Industry, but also how the financial management principals of major projects in different sectors can be applied to nuclear decommissioning.
  • Break the ice: discuss with your fellow delegates which challenges are the biggest for your business and get advice from the panelists and your peers.

Sellafield John Millington Head of Estimating Sellafield

Sogin Marco Pagano Deputy Director of International Affairs Sogin

Deloitte Daniel Grosvenor Partner (Corporate Finance) Deloitte

Enkom Consulting Martyn Jenkins Managing Director Enkom Consulting

12:30-14:15 LUNCH BREAK
14:15-15:15 Strategy, Cost Estimation & International Benchmarking Inititatives Q&A and Panel Discussion
  • Identifying possible benchmarking approaches and discussing their specific application to decommissioning costing, including the ‘added value’ in developing decommissioning cost benchmarking approaches.
  • Discussing prevailing barriers to the sharing of information and data required for decommissioning cost benchmarking.
  • Exploring what is needed to facilitate implementation of benchmarking approaches in nuclear decommissioning costing (a possible “road map”).

SSM Simon Carroll Senior Analyst SSM

NDA Karl Sanderson Head of Assurance NDA

Diletta Colette Invernizzi Phd Researcher University of Leeds

15:15-15:45 COFFEE BREAK
15:45-16:15 What makes a Nuclear Decommissioning Project Successful? (How benchmarking will help your company)
  • My research investigates Nuclear Decommissioning Projects (NDPs) as Megaprojects.
  • This presentation explains how to adapt Benchmarking to improve to performance of NDPs.
  • Early results from the benchmarking analysis are included.

Diletta Colette Invernizzi Phd Researcher University of Leeds

16:15-16:45 MEGA International Presentation
  • Learn how Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a recognised enabler for rationalising IT assets by providing a coherent cross-silo picture
  • Understand how EA can be leveraged to provide a primary through-lifecycle reference and generate consistent views from a single source
  • Learn how EA can also be leveraged to support oversight and strategy by generating information sets for multiple stakeholders

MEGA International Simon Bobbit Engagement Manager MEGA International

16:45-17:00 Department for International Trade - International initiatives update


08:15-08:30 Intro & Chairman Introduction
08:30-09:00 Nuclear effluents abatement: Integration using advanced process modelling

  • Address challenges associated with the Sellafield Effluent Management Strategy and how gPROMS modelling is helping address these
  • Review the strategy taken for developing an integrated modelling infrastructure within the organisation in order to address current and future challenges systematically
  • Demonstrate how Sellafield’s modelling capability is used to inform regulatory expectations through appropriate discharge forecasting

Process Systems Enterprise Ltd Mayank Patel Senior Applications Engineer Process Systems Enterprise Ltd

Sellafield Ltd Felipe Basaglia Sellafield Ltd

09:00-10:00 Innovation Showcase sponsored by EDF Cyclife
  • Witness 10-minute quickfire presentations showcasing innovative solutions to the industry’s nuclear decommissioning and waste management challenges
  • Hear from Siemens, Ness Digital Engineering and TrueInvivo and see what the judges say about how implementable, cost effective and efficient these solutions are
  • Use our interactive polling to vote on how impactful the solutions are and share what you think the industry needs with the judges and the rest of the audience!

EDF Cyclife Guilhem Le Roy CTO EDF Cyclife

Deloitte LLP Richard Pike Partner (Capital Projects Advisory) Deloitte LLP

Westinghouse Electric Company Joseph Boucau Director of D&D Business Development Westinghouse Electric Company

10:00-10:30 GNS Presentation
  • Understand the innovative work being conducted to advance waste treatment technologies and how these solutions can be utilised effectively
  • Hear the latest case studies from throughout the UK and Europe to understand how challenges are being addressed during waste treatment projects
  • Address the growing demand for data advancements by learning about the pioneering software solutions being developed for decommissioning

GNS Jörg Viermann Head of Sales (Waste Management) GNS

11:00-11:30 Germany’s way to select a disposal site for HLW
  • Final disposal options for HLW in Germany.
  • New site selection procedure.
  • Responsibilities for licensing and supervision.
  • Selection criteria.
  • Funding for decommissioning, interim storage and final disposal.

RWTH Aachen Frank Charlier Deputy Head of Institute RWTH Aachen

11:30-12:30 Waste Management in Europe Panel: Key Risks and Opportunities
  • Join our expert international panel in their discussion addressing the key challenges in the radioactive waste management industry across Europe
  • Find out how the UK government, Swiss government and German government differ in their approach to waste management and find out where best to find a solution to your needs
  • Join in the Q&A and discuss with the peers and panel which challenges you face and have your questions answered by the most relevant professionals from across the industry

NSE International Barry Moloney Managing Director, NSE International & Director, Olenian Ltd

LLWR Martin Walkingshaw Executive Director Commercial and Strategy LLWR

Noe21 Philippe de Rougemont Co-ordinator Noe21

RWTH Aachen Frank Charlier Deputy Head of Institute RWTH Aachen

Environment Agency Angela Wakefield Nuclear Regulator Environment Agency

12:30-13:30 LUNCH BREAK
13:30-14:00 Optimising Project Planning for Nuclear Decommissioning Projects
  • In contrast to mentally developed and visualised schedules, this approach uses optimisation methods to calculate the cost minimum schedule.
  • Consideration of uncertainties during the project execution in the planning stage.
  • The planning system helps to carry out sensitivity analysis and to find the appropriate schedule for nuclear decommissioning projects.

Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyFelix HubnerResearch AssociateKarlsruhe Institute of Technology


14:00-14:30 Posiva’s Journey: Final Storage, Public Approval and GDF siting in Finland
  • Find out how world leaders Posiva approached the biggest challenges of the waste management industry, and how they developed the spent nuclear fuel final disposal facility which is being constructed first in the world.
  • Join the conversation: How do you approach public acceptance and GDF siting? Find out which information is key to developing the right solution for your country.

Posiva Solutions Oy Mika Pohjonen Managing Director Posiva Solutions Oy

14:30-15:00 Coffee to go

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