Welcome to the world’s premier SMR and AR conference and exhibition; where the SMR industry come to meet, learn and do business. If you are involved in SMR, you need to be in Atlanta on April 2-3 2019

  • Brett Plummer
    Brett Plummer CNO
    NB Power
  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson Senior Strategic Advisor
    NB Power
  • Jeff Lehman
    Jeff Lehman VP New Nuclear Build
  • Tom Mundy
    Tom Mundy CCO
    NuScale Power
  • Scott Bailey
    Scott Bailey VP, Supply Chain
    NuScale Power
  • Dr. Corey McDaniel
    Dr. Corey McDaniel VP Business Development
    Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
  • Dr. Kathryn McCarthy
    Dr. Kathryn McCarthy VP R&D
    Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
  • Richard Deakin
    Richard Deakin Head of Innovation, SMR and Emerging Nuclear Policy Advanced Nuclear Technologies
    Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
  • Diane Cameron
    Diane Cameron Director, Nuclear Energy
  • Marcelo Salvatore
    Marcelo Salvatore Director, Nuclear Technology Assessment, Secretariat for Energy
    Government of Argentina
  • Ramzi Jammal
    Ramzi Jammal Executive Vice-President & Chief Regulatory Officer
  • Dominic Kieran
    Dominic Kieran Chief Commercial Officer
  • Dr. Trevor Dudley
    Dr. Trevor Dudley President & CEO
  • Juan Vitali
    Dr Juan A. Vitali Chief Strategist & Chief of Future Operations, HQDA G-4
    US Army
  • Louie Shoukas
    Louie Shoukas CNO

INCLUDING delegations from Southern Nuclear AND Bruce Power

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Find out What’s New at the 9th International SMR & Advanced Reactor Summit 2019

  • The Roadmap To Commercialize SMRs:

    Develop deployment, technology and supply chain strategies to unleash the SMR opportunity

  • Investor Insights:

    The essential steps to closing development finance to secure nuclear’s role in a clean energy future

  • New Frontiers:

    Hear how DOD could be the breakthrough buyer for US nuclear, and the C-Suite Panel Revealing Utility Strategy For SMR and AR

  • Deep Dive Case Studies:

    The low down on innovative projects from Argentina, Canada and China giving you the roadmap to getting projects operational

  • License Application Low-down:

    Get the inside track on how regulatory frameworks are adapting for SMR and take advantage of knowledge for your application

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Why SMR 2019?

  • Create Your Case For Finance As Investors Reveal Key Criteria To Assess The Sector
  • Collaborate With Utilities On Business Models To Kickstart Development
  • Set Operational Strategy: Your Blueprint for Supply-Chain, Construction and Site Services
  • The Essential Nuclear Policy Brief With Deep Dives From UK, Canada & USA Regulators
  • When To Go It Alone: Behind The Business Case For CAREM-25 and AP1000
  • Hear From The Customer: Utility CEOs breakdown their plan for Nuclear in 2019 and Beyond
  • Technology Update: Clear Eyed Analysis of the Latest Breakthroughs in SMR and AR designs
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The Industry’s Chosen Topics For 2019:

With input from key designers, investors, utilities and regulators, these are the critical discussion themes for the Nuclear Industry in 2019. We’ve created this agenda to advance the industry from creating supply-chains to closing contracts with utilities, and breaking down the essential steps we must take to attract scale-up capital for our sector.

1Critical Design Updates
2Navigate Regulation
3Hear From The Utility
Case Studies
The Investor
6Market Deep-Dives:
Canada, UK and USA
7Build Your Business Case
8Collaborate With Government
9The Operational Blueprint

Major companies and organisations that attended in 2018

Technology Developers:

  • NuScale
  • ARC
  • GE-Hitachi
  • BWXT
  • Westinghouse
  • Holos
  • Rolls-Royce
  • ThorCon
  • Muons
  • Kairos-power
  • CNEA
  • U-Battery

Utilities and end users:

  • Southern-Nuclear
  • OPG
  • bruce-power
  • NB-Power
  • Engie
  • SRP
  • Duke-Energy
  • rosatom

Supply chain companies:

Global Representatives who Shared Insight in 2018

Nuclear Energy Insider prides itself on hosting the major stakeholders from the countries invested in the reality of next generation nuclear. Take a look at what countries will be represented on the agenda in 2018.

  • Edward McGinnis
    Edward McGinnis Acting Assistant Secretary of Energy
    Department of Energy
  • Julian Gadano
    Julian Gadano Undersecretary for Nuclear Energy
    Ministry of Energy and Mining
  • Steve Threlfall
    Steve Threlfall General Manager

  • Mike Rencheck
    Mike Rencheck President and CEO
    Bruce Power
  • Knox Msebenzi
    Knox Msebenzi Managing Director
    Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa
  • Jack Bailey
    Jack Bailey VP Business Development
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More international representation that ever before:

The International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit now hosts delegations from countries all around the world, find out more below:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Argentina
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • France
  • Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • Czech Republic
    Czech Republic
  • South Africa
    South Africa
  • Jordan
  • Belgium
  • Germany
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Here’s what the attendees had to say:

  • INL

    "A strong focus on non-emitting, reliable, and resilient energy generation is a necessity in planning future energy systems around the world. The SMR Summit provides an excellent venue for interactions among international vendors, utilities, and decision makers that can make the dream of a low-carbon world a future reality. I am excited to be a part of that discussion!"

    - Shannon Bragg-Sitton, Ph.D., Lead, Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems at Idaho National Laboratory
  • EXIM

    "I'm greatly looking forward to understanding the opportunities ahead for SMR development at the conference, specifically where U.S. goods and services are featured."

    - Michael Whalen, VP Structured Finance Division at the Export-Import Bank of the United States
  • Ellis and Watts

    "Indirect costs such as engineering, site preparation, installation and interest during construction dominate the capital cost of new nuclear builds. This workshop promises to explore how SMRs could reduce such costs by changing the deployment paradigm for nuclear power plants."

    - Jacopo Buongiorno, TEPCO Professor and Associate Department Head, Nuclear Science and Engineering, Director, Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (CANES) at MIT
  • SNC Lavalin

    "The SMR conference was very informative and covered different levels of stakeholders. Attendance and topics variety were great"

    - SNC Lavalin
  • EPRI

    "The event was very informative and worth the trip to Atlanta. I look forward to the opportunity to attend in the future."

    - EPRI
  • Ellis and Watts

    "The conference was a great use of my time and my company's investment. The diversity of the topics and attendees kept the event engaging and educational. We'll return in the future."

    - Ellis and Watts
  • Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power

    "Great to get various information about the SMR development from a variety of experts"

    - Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power
  • University of Cambridge

    "An excellent way of catching up with the state of developments of SMRs in US"

    - University of Cambridge
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