Stay up to date with the hottest topics in the SMR and advanced reactor industry at SMR 2018

The International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit is your go-to location to understand the latest market updates, the opportunities and the hurdles associated with these exciting technologies.

In 2018 the summit will split into 3 tracks - an international plenary session and separate US and Canadian tracks which are all tailored to give you expert-level insights into topics such as licensing, legislative efforts, siting opportunities, finance, supply chain needs and opportunities and much more.

With over 16 countries represented in 2017 the Annual SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit provides exclusive insight into the exciting market prospects for SMRs and Advanced Reactors, offering you the opportunity to get a head start over your competitors.

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08:20-08:25 Welcome and introductions

Ben Moss North American Project Director Nuclear Energy Insider

08:25-08:30 Chairperson’s Introduction
Session 1: The United States - Blazing A Trail
08:30-09:00 U.S. Nuclear Power Outlook

The presentation is an overview of the current domestic nuclear market. Primarily based on the EIA Annual Energy Outlook for 2018, the presentation will focus on the changing electricity market and how it is impacting the U.S. nuclear power fleet.

Other areas discussed include:

  • Recent state price support legislation, including current proposed legislation. 
  • How local market conditions are creating diverse market conditions for different plants 
  • EIA analysis of plant sensitivities to future prices and costs based on scenario analysis using EIA’s National Energy Modeling System (NEMS)
  • Current new builds (Watts Bar, V.C. Summer, and Vogtle)

US Energy Information Administration Michael Scott Operations Research Analyst Energy Information Administration

09:00-09:30 Pursuing the US’ First SMR, an Update from NuScale Power
  • Hear exciting new updates from the SMR developer on their work in pursuing the deployment of the US’ first SMR
  • Stay up to date with NuScale’s road ahead and understand where your organization can get involved to lend your expertise

NuScale Power Jack Bailey Senior Vice President, Business Development NuScale Power

09:30-10:00 The US Government and Next Generation Technology
  • Understand the work being done at the Department of Energy in the US to support the development of next generation nuclear projects and how this can benefit your company or organization.

US Department of Energy Edward McGinnis Acting Assistant Secretary of Energy US Department of Energy

Session 2: International Government and Developer Updates
10:30-11:00 The Canadian SMR Roadmap
  • Government of Canada nuclear energy and innovation policy priorities
  • Pan-Canadian roadmap for the development and deployment of SMRs in Canada

Jay Khosla Assistant Deputy Minister, Energy Sector Department of Natural Resources, Canada (NRCAN)

11:00-11:30 Argentina’s Push for Nuclear Power
  • Hear from the Ministry of Energy and Mining on their support for the development of the CAREM 25 SMR as well as further nuclear development in the country
  • Understand the energy climate in South America and the reasons behind the push for next generation nuclear power

Ministry for Energy and Mining, Argentina Marcelo Salvatore Director, Nuclear Technology Assessment, Undersecretariat for Nuclear Energy Ministry for Energy and Mining, Argentina

11:30-12:00 The Need for Speed
  • Brief update from last year’s promises
  • What CNL is doing now in regards to SMRs
  • Next steps to get SMRs moving

Ministry for Energy and Mining, Argentina Mark Lesinski President and CEO Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

12:00-12:30 Innovating Advanced SMRs For Today’s Market
  • GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) is a global nuclear alliance and world-leading provider of advanced reactor technology, nuclear fuel and services, with more than 60 years of experience developing water and sodium-cooled reactor technology. 
  • VSBWR, an innovative water-cooled SMR, further simplifies the NRC-licensed ESBWR, has competitive lifecycle costs with natural gas combined cycle plants, and is ready for near term deployment. 
  • PRISM, a sodium-cooled, advanced fast reactor, has significant licensing, testing, design, and operation basis (e.g. EBR-II), provides the highest potential for a successful Generation IV project, and can help close the fuel cycle. 

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Eric LoewenChief Consulting Engineer, Advanced Plants GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy


3M Host: 3M

2:00-2:45 Global Perspectives
  • This panel will look at prospective nuclear development in various countries around the world in terms of both R&D projects and plans/hopes for nuclear power construction. The moderator, Tom Blees, will provide a global overview, with panelists from China, South Africa, and Australia focusing on their respective countries’ activities and aspirations.

The Science Council for Global Initiatives Moderator: Tom Blees President The Science Council for Global Initiatives

Chinese-Academy-of-Sciences Kun Chen Professor and Director, Reactor Systems Engineering Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics

State of New South Wales, Australia John Barilaro Deputy Premier State of New South Wales, Australia

2:45-3:00 SMRs: The New Norm
  • Distributed Power Markets and Xe-100
  • Making it a reality
  • Economics
  • Partnerships
  • Public awareness and acceptance

X-Energy Jeff Harper VP Business Development X-Energy

3:00-3:15 Mu*STAR: Superconducting Linacs Driving Subcritical MS Reactors

Recently proven SRF proton linear accelerators can generate spallation neutrons to drive a molten-salt fueled subcritical reactor to do new things that are not possible with other reactor designs. Relying on proven technologies, we show how Mu*STAR can be used to:

  • Overcome neutron absorption by fission products to achieve a deep burn of Spent Nuclear Fuel from Light Water Reactors, solving DOE-NE problems of SNF disposal while providing an attractive path for upgrading existing reactor sites. 
  • Safely burn plutonium and other potential weapons materials to extract their energy and render them useless for weapons, solving DOE-NNSA problems by producing tritium by burning surplus plutonium on an NNSA site.

Muons Rol Johnson President Muons

3:15-3:30 Conceptual Design of a Molten Salt Cooled Small Modular Reactor
  • Introduction of the general design
  • System description
  • Transportation and implementation
  • Future plans

Marek Ruščák Head of thermal-hydraulics, nuclear safety research section Research Centre Rez

4:00-4:30 Key Legal Issues Affecting SMR & Advanced Reactor Projects
  • Update on Nuclear Export Control Requirements
  • Alternative Approaches for Environmental Reviews

Morgan Lewis Stephen Burdick Partner Morgan Lewis

Morgan Lewis Paul Bessette Partner Morgan Lewis

4:30-5:00 How Do SMRs & Advanced Reactors Fit into the Global Nuclear Energy Market?
  • Receive an update on the global nuclear markets and forecasts for key countries and regions
  • Learn the latest nuclear market issues and trends with ramifications for SMRs and advanced reactors
  • Get the global outlook for SMR/advanced reactor deployment and key market factors

The Ux Consulting Company Jonathan Hinze President The Ux Consulting Company

5:00-5:30 Developing Manufacturing Techniques for the Future Deployment of SMRs in the UK an overseas
  • Understand the ongoing work being done by Sheffield Forgemasters in developing and validating innovative forging and fabrication solutions for the nuclear industry
  • Get to grips with how these new techniques will lead to faster deployment times and reduced construction costs

Sheffield Forgemasters Jesus Talamantes-Silva Managing Director Sheffield Forgemasters

5:30-6:00 Avoiding Errors of Past Nuclear Projects when Deploying SMRs
  • Review the evolution of mega nuclear project management tools and techniques
  • Discuss external factors and internal project missteps that contribute to cost overruns and schedule delays
  • Identify solutions to minimize risks of SMRs succumbing to the mistakes of the past

Modus Group Jim Carter Modus Strategic Solutions


With thanks to gold sponsors Southern Nuclear for hosting. Join your peers for beers and wines in our exhibition area.
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Nuclear Energy Institute Chair: Everett Redmond Senior Director Policy Development Nuclear Energy Institute

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Co-Chair: Kathryn McKarthy VP Research and Development Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

OPG Co-Chair: Corey McDaniel VP Business Development Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

08:00-08:30 Opening Presentation: US Market Updates
  • Get up to date with the exciting progress being made in multiple projects across the US.
  • Understand the work of the Nuclear Energy Institute to support and pursue developments in the market

Nuclear Energy Institute Marc Nichol Senior Project Manager, New Plant Deployment Nuclear Energy Institute

08:30-09:00 US Regulatory Updates
  • Get updates on how the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US NRC) has been working to modify its regulatory framework to accommodate non-LWR technologies, resulting in a more efficient licensing process for applicants 
  • Understand how the industry works with the US NRC to modify the regulatory framework and understand how their changes can lead to greater efficiencies in licensing a SMR or advanced reactor

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission John Monninger Director - Division of Safety Systems, Risk Assessment, and Advanced Reactors US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

08:00-09:00 End User Expectations and Ambitions in Canada
  • Get fresh updates from CNL’s Mark Lesinski on their progress in pushing for a FOAK/demonstration reactor at CNL
  • Understand OPG and Bruce Power’s expectations for the future of the next generation nuclear industry
  • Get to grips with the collective vision of these 3 organizations and the work they are doing together to advance this

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Host: John Barrett President and CEO Canadian Nuclear Association

Bruce Power Mike Rencheck President and CEO Bruce Power

OPG Glenn Jager EVP and Chief Nuclear Officer OPG

09:00-09:30 The State Perspective: Washington State
  • Understand State level support for nuclear power and SMR and advanced reactor technologies, understand the nuances of state siting requirements in order to best prepare for eventual SMR deployment

Senator Sharon Brown Washington State Legislature

09:00-09:30 Canada’s Nuclear Advantage
  • Understand the market conditions in Canada and the benefits of developing next generation nuclear technologies in the country.

Canadian Nuclear Association John Stewart Director of Policy & Research Canadian Nuclear Association

09:30-10:00 EPRI Owner-Operator Requirements Guidance for Advanced Reactors
  • The development of on Owner-Operator Requirement Guidance (ORG) for Advanced Reactors; this product is focused on providing high-level, flexible, technology-inclusive framework,
  • facilitate communication with key stakeholders, including regulators
  • communicate the expectations and desires of potential owner-operators to developers, promoting alignment;
  • aid owner-operators in vetting new designs
  • facilitate access of advanced nuclear designs to new markets and customers

EPRI Cristian Marciulescu Principal Technical Leader, Advanced Nuclear Technology (ANT) EPRI

09:30-10:00 Nuclear Power in Canada: Recent Developments and Opportunities
  • Discussion of Canadian Government initiatives on SMRs
  • Advantages of the Canadian nuclear regulatory approach
  • Funding and Financing
  • Indigenous Considerations and Opportunities

Gowling WLG Paul Murphy Managing Director Gowling WLG

10:30-12:00 Interactive Roundtable Session: Manufacturing Opportunities and Obstacles in Next Generation Nuclear Projects
  • Understand the possibilities posed by alternative manufacturing methods such as 3D printing/additive manufacturing, robotics, automation and more in reducing costs in SMR projects
  • Discuss the obstacles facing these new methods, such as ensuring they meet regulations, and discuss how they can be overcome
  • Put your questions and concerns to a room full of regulatory, government, supply chain, developer and financial expertise and spark ideas that could solve issues facing US projects in the years to come

US NIC Host: Vince Gilbert Senior Fellow US NIC

Host: Charlotte Howlett Head of Nuclear, Oil & Gas FCBI Energy

10:30-11:00 U-Battery update and fuel cycle for advanced reactors
  • Update on U-Battery’s progress over the last 12 months and its future direction
  • URENCO’s thoughts on the necessary developments in the fuel cycle for advanced reactors

U-Battery Steve Threlfall General Manager U-Battery

11:00-11:30 Readying the CNSC's Regulatory Framework for SMRs
  • Stakeholder Outreach on SMRs
  • Lessons Learned from DIS 16-4
  • Ongoing and Future Modifications to the Regulatory Framework to ensure Readiness for a License Application

CNSC Kevin Lee Senior Regulatory Policy Officer CNSC

11:30-12:00 Readiness for Regulating Small Modular Reactors - Canadian Perspective

Key elements of the presentation:

  • Readiness Strategy
  • Risk-informed Licensing Strategy
  • Application of the Graded Approach

CNSC Douglas Miller Lead Technical Advisor, Directorate of Regulatory Improvement and Major Project Management CNSC



1:30-2:00 Updates from the Hill - US House of Representatives
  • Find out more about the work being done in the House of Representatives to drive the next generation nuclear industry forward

US House of Representatives Congressman Randy Weber (R-TX)US House of Representatives

2:00-2:30 An overview of NASA’s Kilopower Reactor Project
  • The Kilopower project is developing a compact, low cost, scalable fission power system for future space exploration missions. The technology uses a solid cast uranium-molybdenum core, beryllium-oxide reflector, sodium heat pipes, and Stirling engine converters that can be configured for electric power output from 1 to 10 kW.
  • Potential mission applications include lunar or Mars surface landers and deep space probes with power requirements that exceed the capacity of radioisotope power systems. The current activity is focused on a nuclear-heated system demonstration of a prototype UMo reactor coupled to flight-like Stirling converters

Lee Mason STMD Principal Technologist for Power & Energy Storage NASA

2:30-3:00 Holos Generators: Distributable Integral very-Small Modular Reactors (v-SMRs), Competitive and Synergetic with Renewable Energy Sources
  • Transportable and rapidly deployable via standard transport platforms
  • Modules configured as standalone “electric island”, or clustered to match local energy demand with near real-time load-following capabilities
  • Decay heat removal via passive air-cooling with decay heat conversion into electricity after shutdown
  • Sealed from factory to repository with fuel cartridge components fitting licensed transport and repository casks
  • Substantially reduced Evacuation Planning Zone

Claudio Filippone HOLOS

1:30-3:00 Interactive Roundtable Session: Paving the Way Ahead for SMR Deployment in Canada
  • Interact with your peers to understand and overcome key obstacles in deploying next generation nuclear reactors in Canada
  • Develop understanding of exciting opportunities in new manufacturing methods that will drive down construction costs of SMRs
  • Discuss the RFEOI and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ push to deploy these exciting technologies across Canada

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Host: Corey McDaniel VP Business Development Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Host: Kathryn McCarthy VP Research and Development Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

3:30-4:00 The Local Politics That Will Determine Site Selection

This session will discuss and highlight strategies regarding community outreach and impacting local politics that will be needed to secure the needed permits for SMR’s

The NRC signing off on the safety of the SMR is only the very beginning. As the SMR becomes more well known, it will also come into the crosshairs of the environmental industry.

As the industry moves forward we need to develop a strategy to introduce the SMR to the general public, it needs to be done carefully and with transparency. You will need to:

  • Educate the public there is a need.
  • Educate the public that the SMR is safe.
  • This is not their grandfather’s nuclear industry

River Landing Solutions Christopher Hopkins River Landing Solutions

4:00-4:30 GAIN - Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear
  • The DOE-NE GAIN Initiative was announced by the Whitehouse in November of 2015 in order to help re-establish the US leadership position in nuclear power
  • GAIN is a private-public partnership framework aimed at rapid and cost-effective development of innovative nuclear energy technologies towards market readiness
  • GAIN is an access point for the nuclear industry to the expertise and facilities within the DOE-NE complex

Idaho National Laboratory John Jackson, Ph.D. GAIN Technical Interface/NSUF Industry Program Lead Idaho National Laboratory

4:30-5:00 Enabling Technologies to Support SMR Deployment in Remote Locations and Developing Countries
  • This study identifies design requirements to support SMR deployment in remote locations and developing countries. Design considerations include limited resources and hence the need for autonomous and passive systems and remote monitoring. Current projects to develop applicable enabling technologies being conducted by Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh researchers is presented.

Pittsburgh Technical Sola Talabi Consultant Pittsburgh Technical

3:30-4:30 End User Panel: Remote locations and mining facilities
  • Understand the needs and expectations of future end users of next generation reactors in remote locations and mining communities.
  • Get to grips with specific challenges facing deployment in potentially hostile locations.

MIRARCO Mining Innovation Vic Pakalnis President and CEO MIRARCO Mining Innovation

Peter Lang President Dunedin Energy Systems

Speaker TBA

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