2019 Agenda

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Nuclear Industry Outlook - The State of the Market

How has the market moved on in 2018 and what should you expect for 2019?

  • Get an in-depth overview of how nuclear is changing and adapting to its role in the electricity market as a whole
  • Hear the very latest on pricing and local/national updates to inform your 2019 strategy and beyond
  • Get the latest on current new builds and hear lessons learned in development and financing
NuScale Update
  • Hear exciting new updates from CCO Tom Mundy, on their work in pursuing the deployment of the US’ first SMR and what this means for your project
  • Get the very latest from NuScale’s senior decision-makers, to identify any opportunities your organisation can fulfil  
Panel: The Utility Strategy
  • Hear from the top experts in the industry about how they see the future of Nuclear
  • Understand where you can find the biggest opportunities, and how the industry can work together to ensure long term sustainable growth
The Sustainable Energy Mix of The Future
  • Determine the key competition delivering energy of the future
  • Where do global policy makers view nuclear energy in the clean power mix?
  • From renewable credits to clean power credits, can incentives kickstart the sector?
Canada Update: The Continued Need for Speed
  • Get the latest updates from Canada - where have we hit and missed since last year’s promises?
  • Hear what CNL is doing in 2019 and plans for 2020 for SMRs
Section One: Policy Update
UK Focus: Policy Intervention To Create a Marketplace For SMR and AR Technology
  • Hear why the UK government is focused upstream to build a market for nuclear and how you can get involved in their development
  • Understand how manufacturers can collaborate to innovate production and drastically cut costs for the sector
  • Be part of a unique meeting place where policy and industry can come together to attract growth finance
USA Focus: Risk-Informed Regulation
  • Get updates on how the regulatory framework can accommodate risk in a globally competitive time-frame
  • Understand how the industry works with the US NRC to modify the regulatory framework and understand how their changes can lead to greater efficiencies in licensing a SMR or advanced reactor
Canada Focus: Delivering The Roadmap To Commercialize SMR Technology
  • Get updates from those in the know on how to build a future powered by nuclear technology
  • How can we scale these insights to create a global market for nuclear?
  • Next steps for the Canadian market: lessons learned from the SMR roadmap report
Section Two: Technology Update
Keynote - Aligning Reactor Types To Their Implementing Environment
  • Details coming soon.
Case Study: Modularity in Construction
  • PCL Construction will discuss ‘The Industrial Revolution 2.0’ - find out how SMRS are a key enabler to global industrialisation
  • Get the inside track on what PCL are doing to achieve this vision, and how your organisation slots in
Case Study: Fuel Usage - More is less
  • Get a valuable insight into how Muons are making the same amount of fuel last 7x longer and take away lessons learned for your business
Case Study: How ARC Nuclear Are Leading The Way In SMR in Canada
  • Hear why CNL see SMRs are critical to government priorities in Canada
  • How government and ARC Nuclear are investing to manage and mitigate project risk
  • Take away a strategy for supply-chain, financing and implementation to scale SMR
Case Study: CAREM-25
  • Why Argentina went it alone to advance SMR technology
  • Lessons learned from project costs, timelines and strategic response
  • How CAREM-25 fits to Argentina’s national policy on advancing nuclear power
Section Three: Supply Chain Update
Lessons Learned from DOD Assessment of SMR Technology
  • Hear how nuclear could safely deliver energy to remote military encampments
  • Turn potential into reality: can requirements raise the bar for sector innovation?
  • Hone working with regulators to advance mutually beneficial guidance
Solve Legal Issues Affecting SMR & Advanced Reactor Projects
  • Get an exclusive update on Nuclear Export Control Requirements
  • Explore alternative approaches for Environmental Reviews and take away a plan for yours
Investor Panel - The Big Win: Getting SMR Tech Investment
  • Why are investors hesitant to make big bets on nuclear innovation? Tackle barriers to investment and achieve a game-changer for SMR
  • Who will fund the future: what does the investor mix look like across the pipeline of innovation to infrastructure?
Nuclear’s Critical Role in the Low Carbon Economy
  • How do we come together to tackle deep rooted perceptions on the viability of nuclear?
  • Separate aspiration from fact, and boost credibility by adopting proven technologies
  • The NGO sectors’ role in building bridges with the broader environmental community
US Track
Opening Presentation: US Market Updates
  • Get up to date with the exciting progress being made in multiple projects across the US and hear how your SMR project will fit into the nuclear energy mix
  • Understand the work of the Nuclear Energy Institute to support and pursue developments in the market and how you can benefit
Navigating the US Regulatory Landscape
  • Get updates on how the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US NRC) has been working to modify its regulatory framework to accommodate non-LWR technologies, resulting in more efficient licensing process for applicants
  • Understand how the industry works with the US NRC to modify the regulatory framework and understand how their changes can lead to greater efficiencies in licensing a SMR or advanced reactor
Roundtable Discussion: Build The Market By Building The Supply-Chain
  • Better define the operational and business model to create a supply-chain for SMR
  • Hear how the sector can collaborate to cut costs for development and deployment
  • Grow from paper design to fleet management: pathways to fleet for commercial markets
Defining A Waste Management Strategy That Can Scale With SMRs
  • As SMRs grow in popularity, waste will be needs to be managed and dealt with in an effective and practical way
  • Find out how this strategy can utilise existing competencies in this industry, and increase commercial viability
Utility Panel - Hear From Your Customer
  • Don’t design in a bubble - what do utilities actually want from SMR and AR vendors?
  • Hear how utilities can partner with designers to justify investor confidence in the sector
  • Understand the business model innovation needed to accelerate commitments to new projects
Manufacturing and Forging
  • Find out how Sheffield Forgemasters are using Innovative forging and fabrication techniques to deliver superior results for you.
Canada Track
Keynote: OPG Update from Canada
  • Hear from one of Canada’s largest utilities, with the very latest updates from senior decision makers as the keynote Canadian address
Canada’s Nuclear Advantage
  • Understand the market conditions in Canada and the benefits of developing next generation nuclear technologies in the country
Canadian Regulation: What does the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s Graded Approach mean for deployment of SMRs
  • The CNSC will dispel the misconceptions surrounding the application of the Graded Approach, and prove how it can benefit your organisation
  • With proven case studies, understand how the Graded Approach will be applied, to leave you in the best position possible to make your mark on the future
NB Power Update
  • A brand new update from the only utility with an active nuclear generating site outside of Ontario.
  • Hear from some of the most senior decision makers, and find out how where your company could fit into their nuclear power mix
Roundtable: Canadian SMR Roadmap Panel
  • Get clarity on needs and priorities of stakeholders and Canadians
  • Gain understanding of the value proposition of different SMR technologies
  • How do we identify key issues related to regulatory readiness, waste management and transportation policy
From Business Case to Prototype: Powering Mines Through SMRs
  • Case Study: Mirarco share exclusive analysis on how SMRs can cut costs in northern mines
  • Get the inside track on MIT’s bold new plan to prove viability of SMRs on barges for coastal mine
  • Convincing the sceptics: takeaway tactics to raise the profile of mining's nuclear solution
Canadian Manufacturing and The Supply chain
  • Get the low-down on what sets Canada’s supply chain apart from the competition, and how this substantially increases the potential for SMR in the region
  • Hear how sentiment in Canada makes it a highly desirable construction target.
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