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4th Annual

Nuclear Construction Conference, MENA

24-25 September, 2013, Grosvenor House, Dubai, UAE

The 4th Annual MENA Nuclear Construction Conference has now finished

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Deploy safe and timely MENA nuclear power programs by overcoming key procedural and operational challenges

Over the next decade, as many as 37 new reactors could be built at a cost of up to $200bn. The 4th Annual Nuclear Construction Conference, MENA, will give you all the essential information you need to cement your place in this highly lucrative market.

Meet experts from these key organizations, including KA CARE & ENEC:

ENEC fanr RWE iaea
KA Care APS Egyptian Ministry of Energy and Electricity Jordan Atomic Energy Commission
  • Understand the expectations MENA states have for nuclear power and detail the solutions these emerging nations need to secure nuclear power
  • See how to effectively navigate developing regulatory frameworks and the impact this has upon design and supplier licencing
  • Benefit from international and regional operational case studies to help mitigate technical, procedural and organizational challenges and ensure efficient project delivery
  • Hear about the safety and cultural considerations MENA nations must overcome before, during and after construction to secure excellence and quality
  • Develop a comprehensive construction plan that details supply chain risk, scheduling contingencies and key workforce recruitment to ensure timely nuclear deployment

Welcome to the longest running annual nuclear construction conference in the Middle East

Highly compact and dense medium for efficient exchange of experiences

Dr Kamal Araj, Vice Chairman, JAEC

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Who will be there?

Since running the first ever Nuclear Construction Conference for the region back in 2010, we have attracted 400 key industry figures, representing the leading stakeholders involved in the development of MENA nuclear power generation. See who you’ll be able to rub shoulders with at the most well-established MENA nuclear construction conference - take a look at the types of job roles and organizations that attended our block-busting 2012 show:

Who will be there?

The conference gives a good overview of current developments in nuclear in the MENA region and represents a good platform for meeting important market participants in this area

Jorn Erik Mantz, Head - Nuclear New Build, RWE

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MENA Activity

As the leading provider of information for organizations involved in nuclear power generation development, Nuclear Energy Insider have provided the below snapshot analysis to help you evaluate the opportunity in the MENA market for your company:

  • $200 billion by 2020: Estimated MENA nuclear new build market value
  • $30 billion: Level of investment needed in infrastructure, training and regulation to support nuclear programs in the UAE, Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia alone
  • 40GW by 2030: The amount of nuclear energy that 65% of leading industry executives think will be built in the MENA region
  • 25% by 2015: Potential growth in energy demand in the MENA region

Source: The Middle East Nuclear New Build Report 2012

Below are two maps that outline the leading programs for commercial nuclear power, the cost of the programs and the stage of development. 

MENA nuclear program tracker

MENA nuclear program tracker

Future MENA Commercial Nuclear Power Market

Future MENA Commercial Nuclear Power Market

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What are the opportunities in the MENA region in 2013 and beyond?

Progress towards nuclear energy programs across the MENA region continues apace. Significant developments over the past year include:


The UAE’s $20 billion civil nuclear programme is on schedule with the country’s first nuclear reactor expected to start operations in 2017. Construction of the UAE’s first nuclear energy reactor continues to progress, with the installation of the Containment Liner Plate (CLP) in the reactor containment building for Barakah Unit 1.

ENEC has awarded more than USD$1 billion (€760 million euros) in contracts to more than 180 companies in the United Arab Emirates since it was established to oversee the construction of the UAE’s first nuclear plant.

The contracts have been awarded over the past three years through collaboration between ENEC and the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), as part of its effort to support and develop local industry.

The UAE is currently working on plans to have four nuclear power reactors operational in Barakah by 2020, to generate 5.6 GWe of electricity. 


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s atomic energy ambitions are grand enough to grant several reactor vendors multi-billion dollar contracts to keep them busy building for decades.

More than one design would avoid over-stretching one reactor builder and allow the kingdom to sign long-term contracts with several of its biggest trading partners.

The Kingdom sees unique benefits of diversifying acquired technologies in terms of job creation, value chain localization, and knowledge transfer. It is considering only Generation 3 and 3+ advanced reactors which have already licensed, built and operated safely. It expects the first to be built by 2022.

Saudi Arabia is also keen to use smaller modular reactors at industrial complexes, but will hold off on buying any until there are clearer, global regulations on their use.


Turkey wants to build a home-grown nuclear industry over the next decade as it seeks to cut reliance on costly imported oil and gas, even though the nuclear newcomer outsourced its first two atomic power plants to foreign firms.

Turley’s first nuclear plant, AKKUYU, under ownership of Russia's Rosatom, aims to be operational in 2019. Rosatom Corp. has invited EDF to help build the power plant as the Russian state atomic power company seeks partners for its new reactors.

A $22 billion contract has been awarded to a Japanese-French consortium to build Turkey’s second nuclear power plant at Sinop on the Black Sea coast – the consortium includes Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and power company Itochu, along with GDF-Suez and Areva, which will supply the plant’s reactors in connection with Mitsubishi. The Sinop plant is expected to cost around $22 billion and Turkey's state power generation company EUAS would take a major stake in the project.

Germany has also stated its desire to help Turkey in its efforts to upgrade its capacities in the field of renewable energy and build nuclear power plants.



Jordan will soon decide which of competing Russian and French-Japanese led consortiums will build two one-gigawatt nuclear reactors near the capital at an estimated cost of €12 billion.

Jordan is considering the UK Generic Design Assessment (GDA) process, used to evaluate all aspects of the safety and environmental performance of nuclear reactor designs when it embarks on its own programme of nuclear reactor construction.

Construction of a $175 million Jordan Research and Training Reactor (JRTR) is seen as a major step on the country's path to deploying nuclear power for electricity generation.

Fuel for the research reactor will be made by Areva, while a South Korean consortium of KAERI and Daewoo E&C is supplying the 5 MWt unit to Jordan University of Science and Technology.



Egypt has agreed that the Russians will help in conducting studies at the Dabaa nuclear station and to develop the experimental reactor in Anshas. A delegation is expected to begin work on the plans of building a 4 GWt of nuclear power facilities by 2025.

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The MENA conference not only provided the exchange of valuable information but also provided access and networking with key industry personnel to advance your knowledge of the region and develop new relationships

Brad Lanka, Exelon Generation

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