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  • Decommissioning Creativity:

    How top decommissioning leaders can impact your future strategy by explaining past D&D projects

  • Drive Innovation & Boost Efficiency:

    See how the latest technology developments in D&D, waste storage, handling and disposal can drive efficiencies

  • The Best Regulatory Know-How:

    Get fully equipped to navigate upcoming rulemaking changes, Greater than Class C Waste and legal challenges

  • What’s Next for Used Fuel?

    Get the low-down on what’s next for Yucca Mountain and the Consolidated Interim Storage Facilities

  • Boost Your Fuel Storage Capabilities:

    Get the inside track on extended dry cask storage and active monitoring to ensure cracking and corrosion doesn’t impact your bottom-line

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The largest nuclear decommissioning & used fuel meeting point in North America with over 400 key decision makers and industry leaders

Top industry and thought leaders who spoke in 2018 included:

  • Lou Bosch
    Lou Bosch Plant Manager
  • Timothy Uehling
    Timothy Uehling Snr Director, FCS Decommissioning
  • Larry Rushing
    Larry Rushing Director Fleet Project Management
    FirstEnergy Corp.
  • John Ohrenberger
    John Ohrenberger Director Decommissioning
  • Rounette Nader
    Rounette Nader Director License Renewal & Decommissioning
    Duke Energy
  • Troy Eshleman
    Troy Eshleman SVP Business Development & Strategy
  • Joy Russell
    Joy Russell Vice President of Corporate Business Development and Chief Communications Officer
    Holtec International
  • Mark Morant
    Mark Morant Chief Executive Officer
    Comprehensive Decommissioning International, LLC (CDI)

Utilities, service providers and industry experts who attended in 2018

2018 highlights included:

Exclusive Closed-Door Utility Workshop

Interact with utility peers and discuss the key takeaways from D&D projects and how these will impact future strategy

Innovation & Technology Showcase

10-minute snapshots from innovative technology developers on where you can cut costs whilst maximizing safety

Geological Disposal Updates

Hear from the U.S. House & used fuel experts on the future of used fuel, including Yucca Mountain, CISFs and international facilities

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2018 Attendee Snapshot

  • Southern California Edison
    VP Decommissioning and Chief Nuclear Officer
    Southern California Edison
  • NextEra Energy Resources
    President and Chief Nuclear Officer
    NextEra Energy Resources
  • Entergy
    Director Decommissioning
  • FirstEnergy Corp.
    Senior Consultant
    FirstEnergy Corp.
  • Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company
    Director Public Government & Affairs
    Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company
  • Duke Energy
    Director, Nuclear Policy and Support
    Duke Energy
  • U.S. NRC
    Deputy Director Division of Nuclear Materials Safety
    U.S. NRC
  • EnergySolutions
    EVP & Chief Nuclear Officer
  • Indiana Michigan Power Company
    Nuclear Financial Compliance & Controls Manager
    Indiana Michigan Power Company
  • Exelon
    Associate General Counsel

Testimonials from the industry’s leading decommissioning and used fuel organizations:


    "The conference was very informative and interactive. There was great participation from the various organizations in the nuclear industry which made it successful"

    - OPG
  • Holtec International

    "I love this conference, the organizers and venue have all been fabulous. I greatly enjoy the presentations and they certainly help provide me with the hot details of the industry"

    - Holtec International
  • U.S. Department of Energy

    "This summit provides an excellent singular source of information and resources on decommissioning trends and lessons. Well worth the time"

    - U.S. Department of Energy
  • US Ecology

    "The Nuclear Energy Insider Decommissioning Summit is a very valuable industry resource for US Ecology. It is very well planned and executed by the Insider staff and offers a tremendous value in terms of access to the latest updates on nuclear decommissioning projects and industry trends. It has become a staple on our company's conference calendar"

    - US Ecology
  • Talisman International

    "Excellent opportunity to maintain industry awareness and hear from industry leaders. Very good for networking"

    - Talisman International
  • Excel Services

    "The conference material was very informative and there was ample opportunity to ask questions of the presenters. The conference schedule also provided the necessary amount of time needed to network with other colleagues. Would recommend attending this conference to anyone looking for utility decommissioning experience information and lessons learned"

    - Excel Services
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2018 Sponsors and Exhibitors

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