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Day One: Plenary

07:35-09:00 Registration
Plenary Day One Chair

US NIC Moderator: David Blee President & CEO US NIC

09:00-09:30 Up-to-the-Minute AECOM Update: Future Decommissioning Plans
  • Hear the very latest from best-in-class decision makers on the different strategies they employ, from General Contracting at SONGS to Full Licence Transfer, and get ahead of the game for your project
  • Learn which plants the US Giant is targeting, to ensure you’re in the right to place to take advantage of upcoming contracts

AECOM Jay Brister VP Nuclear Decom AECOM

09:30-10:00 Revolutionising Operations: Energy Solutions & the Decommissioning Management Model
  • Get the inside scoop on this one-of-a-kind business model, to ensure your ability to secure contracts for years to come
  • As Fort Calhoun begins decommissioning, hear a live case study on how this model works to identify openings for your organisation

Energy Solutions Mike Lackey Senior Vice President EnergySolutions

10:00-11:00 Plant Owner Panel: Business Models and Strategies
  • With the plant owners themselves looking to react to changing business models, get the inside track on what utilities require from contractors in order to secure the largest contracts available
  • With case studies from around the country, get the inside scoop on Nuclear Decommissioning’s first movers & take away lessons learned to apply on your project

US NIC Moderator: David Blee President & CEO US NIC

Pacific Gas and Electric Loren Sharp Senior Director, Nuclear Decommissioning, Humboldt Bay and Diablo Canyon Power Plants Pacific Gas and Electric

Exelon Jeff Dunlap Manager Decommissioning Exelon

Southern California Edison Louis Bosch SONGS Plant Manager Southern California Edison

GE Hitachi Lance Hall Executive Vice President, NuclearGE Hitachi

11:00-11:50 Coffee Break
11:50-12:20 Navigating Regulation for New Projects: An NRC Update
  • Now the NRC has deemed the legal challenges against the first CIS obsolete, get the inside scoop on how the US regulator sees the market moving forwards
  • As the market is set to triple in size , understand how the NRC sees the industry developing, and understand how this creates new opportunities for your organisation

NRC Bruce Watson Chief - Reactor Decommissioning Branch NRC

12:20-12:50 Exclusive Entergy Case Study: Vermont Yankee
  • Hear directly from Entergy on their POV when it comes to plant decommissioning and Used Fuel Strategy
  • Understand how you can help and support future projects, to guarantee that you can build relationships and win business

Entergy Paul Paradis Decommissioning Director Entergy

Entergy Susan Raimo Assistant General Counsel Entergy

12:50-14:20 Lunch Break
LUNCH WORKSHOP -> WESTINGHOUSE - The Future of Spent Fuel Storage in the USA

Westinghouse Robert Quinn Director, Global Fuel Storage Westinghouse



Orano Chairman: Michael Beal VP Key Accounts Orano

14:20-14:50 The International Law Perspective
  • Hear from the International Law experts on what the legal future of decommissioning is, and how you can use this to your advantage
  • With changing business models and the massive increase in available plants, find out how to swing the legal ball in your favour

Hogan & Lovells Sachin Desai Hogan & Lovells

14:20-15:05 A Calling for Cooperation: Strategies for both Permanent Repository & Consolidated Interim Storage
  • Learn how both of these industry defining strategies are needed to push the world into a new nuclear era, and discover how you can be a part of the plan
  • With CIS only around the corner, ensure you make the right connections to win business for your organisation

Nuclear Waste Strategy Coalition Katrina McMurrian Executive Director Nuclear Waste Strategy Coalition

Xcel Energy Pamela Gorman-Prochaska Director, Nuclear Regulatory Policy & Strategy Xcel Energy

Deep Isolation Rod Baltzer Chief Operating Officer Deep Isolation

LMNT Consulting Steven Nesbit President LMNT Consulting

14:50-15:35 U.S. NIC Panel: Elements for Decontamination and Decommissioning Success
  • Hear key insight on strategic planning for moving from nuclear power plant operations into decommissioning
  • Decisions associated with utilizing DECOM or SAFSTOR, and long-term planning for development of the Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report
  • Nuclear power retirements and decommissioning projects forecast, and finishing decommissioning: getting the spent fuel off-site and into a CISF or repository

US NIC Laurie Ford Senior Fellow US NIC

Talisman International LLC Larry Camper Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant Talisman International LLC

Westinghouse Keith Mahosky Director Westinghouse Electric Company

Empyrean Services Sushil Jain President & CEO Empyrean Services

15:05-15:35 Recycling Fuel to Lessen the Burden
  • Hear from one of the country’s leading researchers from Argonne National Laboratory will propose a practical solution to used fuel management as an alternative or supplement to a direct disposal
  • With such a drastic shift in the attitude to used Fuel on the horizon, secure your place at the forefront of this new age for business

Argonne National Lab Yoon Chang Distinguished Fellow, Senior Advisor - Nuclear Fuel The Argonne National Lab

Science Council for Global Intiatives Tom Blees President Science Council for Global Intiatives

15:35-16:35 Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail: Planning for Decommissioning
  • As decommissioning becomes a bigger and more expansive industry, planning will become more important than ever - make sure you’re taking the rights steps here
  • With key issues including regulatory preparedness, CIS forecasting and business model best practice, hear how to effectively plan and execute your decommissioning strategies

Talisman International LLC Moderator: Larry Camper Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant Talisman International LLC

Duke Energy Terry Hobbs General Manager of Decommissioning, Crystal River Nuclear Plant Duke Energy

First Energy Mike Casey Project Manager, Three Mile Island Unit 2 First Energy

15:35-16:05 Entergy and the Future of Spent Fuel Storage
  • Hear directly from Entergy about the legislative efforts around Permanent & Interim storage, so you can take advantage of the opportunities that arise
  • As cask aging management becomes more of a problem, find out what your organization can do to solve Entergy’s headaches
  • Get the inside scoop on challenges associated with who holds title to spent fuel absent a permanent repository, and the possibilities this creates

Entergy Sam Morris Senior Counsel (Used Fuel) Entergy

16:05-16:35 Creating a Culture of Safety: Issues During Decommissioning
  • Understand how decommissioning can pose unique challenges to a site’s safety culture, and what the legal aspects can mean for your business
  • Learn how to anticipate these issues, prevent, and/or mitigate their effects.
  • Hear key examples on how you can make this happen

Morgan LewisLewis M. Csedrik Partner Morgan Lewis

16:50-17:35 Community Engagement Panel: From the State to the Community
  • Hear from the Chairman of the Vermont Public Utility Commission on how to effectively work with the state to ensure there are no operational or legislative blockages
  • Hear directly from the community to help navigate the rise in social media and environmental concern, to develop an effective decommissioning strategy

Vermont Public Utility Commission Anthony Roisman Chairman Vermont Public Utility Commission

Maine Yankee Atomic Plant Eric Howes Director, Public & Government Affairs Maine Yankee Atomic Plant

17:05-17:30 Using 3D Site Modelling throughout the Decommissioning Lifecycle
  • Developing the Model - how do we get 3D modelling off the ground?
  • Applying the Model - hear details on System Removals, Site Logistics & End State Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement - discover how 3D modelling can be effective in public meetings and regulatory communications
  • License Termination Plan (LTP) - from site figures to final status surveys, get the low down here

RSCS Eric Darois Principal Radiation Safety & Control Services, Inc.

RSCS James Tarzia Owner, Executive Director Radiation Safety & Control Services, Inc.

17:30-19:05 Evening Drinks
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Day Two: Plenary

09:00-09:30 Orano and the Pan-American Vision
  • Hear the very latest from best-in-class decision makers on the different strategies they employ, from General Contracting at SONGS to Full Licence Transfer, and get ahead of the game for your project
  • Learn which plants the US Giant is targeting, to ensure you’re in the right to place to take advantage of upcoming contracts

Orano Michael Beal VP Key Accounts Orano

09:30-10:00 The 21st Century & Decommissioning: A Dry Fuel Storage Perspective
  • Find out how NAC International Inc. have performed at 6 different plants including Zio, Palo Verde and more
  • With a modular design and all-purpose dry storage solution, discover how your company can capitalize on dry fuel storage projects now and in the future

NAC International George Vaughan Vice President, Business Development NAC International

10:00-10:45 Educating the Next Generation: Secure Nuclear Talent Now to Decommission in the Future
  • As the DoE’s #makenuclearcoolagain picks up steam, discover how to solve your human capital and talent acquisition needs
  • Hear from the boots on the ground on the what the labour market needs to keep intelligence, talent and ability in the sector, and help it to grow

Energy Solutions Julianna Edwards VP Business Development Energy Solutions

OPG Jessica King Senior Strategic Advisor OPG

Christopher Bolick Lead Faculty, Project Management Programs Northeastern University

10:45-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-12:15 International Case Study Panel
  • With the industry hotting up globally as well as on the domestic front, it’s time to hear from our international counterparts
  • Discover the different business models, regulatory requirements and political environments that are increasing activity abroad

IAEAModerator Vladimir Michal Decommissioning Team Leader IAEA

Canadian Nuclear LaboratoriesMark Lesinski President & CEO Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

JAEA Koichi Noda Executive Director JAEA

12:15-1:45 Lunch Break

Orano Chairman: Michael Beal VP Key Accounts Orano

1:45-2:15 North of the Border: Used Fuel Management from Canada's Largest Utility
  • Hear from OPG on the unique challenges facing fuel storage in Canada, and how you can be a part of the solution
  • With Canada hurtling towards siting a Deep Geological Repository, find out how you can be a part of this historical project

OPG Jessica King Senior Strategic Advisor OPG

1:45-2:10 Nuclear Energy Institute White Paper: Performance for Dry Storage
  • With a brand-new white paper on performance margins for dry storage, hear from a first-time update from one of the key figures in the organisation
  • As the industry further commits to dry storage, find out what the change in performance margins means for you and your business

Nuclear Energy Institute Bruce Montgommery Director, Decommisioning Used Fuel Nuclear Energy Institute

2:15-2:45 Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS): An Emerging Issue in Decommissioning
  • Gain an understanding and take advantage of PFAS, possible sources in decommissioning projects, and regulatory drivers
  • Learn about PFA behavior in the environment, potential health effects & the basis of regulatory thresholds
  • A case study involving the sampling for PFAS at a decommissioning nuclear plant will be presented

Haley & Aldrich Jay Peters Risk Assessment Practice Leader Haley & Aldrich

2:10-2:40 Insight from EPRI: The Premium Research Update
  • Hear from the Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Lead at EPRI,  to discover what exciting new projects are taking place one of the USA’s leading research institutions
  • With more technology and innovation entering the fray, make sure you’re on the front foot when it comes to the evolution of the industry

EPRIRichard Reid Technical Executive, Decommissioning Technology Program EPRI

Business Critical Insights for the Nuclear Industry

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