2018 Agenda

A huge milestone for the U.S. Nuclear Decommissioning and Used Fuel industry is upon us. With the first generation of shutdown materializing, the market is heating up and huge changes are taking place.

The agenda for the 5th Annual Nuclear Decommissioning & Used Fuel Strategy Summit was designed to help your organization navigate this complex and fast-changing industry and keep the industry up-to-date with the latest procurement opportunities and advancements within the industry

The 2018 conference will feature even more utility case studies and unrivalled insight into how to optimize economic efficiencies whilst maximizing safety. Be the first to see the 2018 agenda, speaker line-up and new workshops by downloading the conference brochure here.

Agenda Highlights:

Live technology showcase - ‘shark tank’ style Live Innovation & Technology Showcase
Interactive cybersecurity workshop Global Utility
Case Studies
Shutdowns & Turnarounds Upcoming Decommissioning
Opportunities Keynote
Maintenance & Reliability Exclusive Closed-Door
Utility Workshop
Technology zone - try out the latest gadgets New Commissioner
Panel Session
New networking breakfast What’s Next for
Used Fuel?


08:00-08:15 Nuclear Energy Insider and Chairman’s Introduction

Nuclear Energy Insider Charlotte Howlett Head of Nuclear Energy Insider

Talisman Larry Camper Snr Nuclear Safety Consultant Talisman

08:15-08:45 The Atomic Makerspace: A Hands-on Vision for Creating the Nuclear Lifecycle
  • The creative, get-it-done Maker Movement models the energy and approach for building the U.S. nuclear fuel cycle
  • Better understand how challenges are opportunities for applying innovation and expertise
  • Hear how new ideas and new tech open new options for an efficient system of used fuel management and decommissioning

Orano Chris Miller VP Sales & Marketing Orano

08:45-09:15 SONGS Decommissioning Activities Update
  • Hear about the progress to date at SONGS and how the transition from operating status to decommissioning was executed
  • Understand how the project has been carried out in comparison to the original decommissioning plan including scheduling and budgets
  • Discover the challenges which have been overcome during decommissioning work and how the lessons that have been learnt can be applied to other projects

Southern California Edison Lou Bosch Plant Manager Southern California Edison

09:15-09:45 Power Reactor Decommissioning Program Status and Challenges
  • With the shutdowns and the applications for new interim spent fuel storage facilities, the business community is viewing the situation as opportunities to employ new business models that intend to facilitate decommissioning of the sites
  • This has led to challenges to the NRC decommissioning program and within the agency
  • This presentation will provide the regulators perspective on the premature shutdowns, the new business models, impacts on the NRC and the status of the NRC reactor decommissioning program within the changing environment

U.S. NRC Bruce Watson Chief Reactor Decommissioning Branch U.S. NRC

10:30-11:00 Status update on Entergy’s Decommissioning Activities
  • Get a schedule and status update on the decommissioning of Entergy’s fleet including the shutdown plans for Pilgrim
  • Hear about the progress being made at Vermont Yankee on its proposed sale and the transfer of the NRC licenses
  • Understand how the future of decommissioning looks for Entergy and how they plan on optimizing decommissioning strategy

Entergy John Ohrenberger Director Decommissioning Entergy

Entergy Susan Raimo Senior Counsel Entergy

11:00-11:30 Decommissioning Rulemaking Update
  • Get an update on the progression with decommissioning rulemaking efforts
  • Gauge the expected timescale for their final release to enable the transition to decommissioning without the use of exemptions
  • Review and discuss the proposed rulemaking changes to reduce future costs and workloads through the formalized transition from operations to decommissioning

US NRC Alysia Bone Project Manager Regulatory Rulemaking Branch US NRC

11:30-12:00 EnergySolutions’ Activities
  • Get an update on EnergySolutions decommissioning activities
  • Hear about progress that’s been made at Zion to date and the future plans for decommissioning
  • Understand EnergySolutions evolving decommissionig capabilities to optimize decommissioning efficiency

EnergySolutions Troy Eshleman SVP Business Development & Strategy EnergySolutions

13:30-14:15 Navigating the Transition to Decommissioning: Planning, Change Management & Implications on the Organization
  • Understand the major challenges faced during the transition from an operations and maintenance business to a project-based decommissioning organization
  • Better understand the implications of decommissioning on the organization such as changes to employee agendas, company culture, the use of tools and more to assist with the decision to enter into DECON or SAFSTOR
  • Recognize the potential challenges arising from planning shortcomings, and how best to mitigate safety and economic risks upon reactor shutdown
  • Learn how utilities can best deal with the loss of talent and the transfer of workers, and the optimal techniques to take your employees through this process

Duke Energy Rounette Nader Director of License Renewal & Decommissioning Duke Energy

OPPD Tim Uehling Snr Director FCS Decommissioning OPPD

FirstEnergy Larry Rushing Director Fleet Project Management FirstEnergy

13:30-14:00 Evolving Inspection Techniques: The Use of Advanced Robotics & Drones
  • Understand how advanced robotics and drones can be utilized within dry storage system inspection and ISFSI monitoring
  • Hear how different robots have been developed over the last few years to evolve inspection techniques and optimize performance
  • Evaluate the use of drones for performing different tasks including daily walkdowns of ISFSIs to minimize personnel dose and cost

EPRI Jeremy Renshaw Program Manager UF & HLW EPRI

14:15-15:15 Commissioner Panel Session: The Impact of Decommissioning on the State
  • Hear from commissioners from multiple states including Vermont to recognize the impacts on and concerns for the state as a result of decommissioning
  • Understand the long-term impacts of decommissioning on state communities such as employment and tax implications
  • Recognize how the choice between immediate decommissioning or SAFSTOR impacts the state in terms of risk and financial commitment over time, with reference to ethical issues and the disposal of used fuel

Chris Recchia Principal Energy & Environment Solutions

Vermont Public Utility Commission Anthony Roisman Chairman Vermont Public Utility Commission

Citizen’s Engagement Panel for SONGS Decommissioning Dan Stetson Vice-Chairman Citizen’s Engagement Panel for SONGS Decommissioning

14:00-15:00 Strategy for Used Fuel: Permanent and Interim Storage
  • Recognize the importance of collaboration on strategy for permanent and interim used fuel storage
  • Understand the impact of the policy decisions, plans and logistics for Yucca Mountain on the approval of Consolidated Interim Storage Facilities (CISF) and gaining community support for interim storage
  • Hear from policy experts on the significance of the changing political landscape and the importance of local and state support in CISF approvals  

The NWSC Katrina McMurrian Executive Director The NWSC

Energy Communities Alliance (ECA) Kara Colton Director of Nuclear Energy Programs Energy Communities Alliance (ECA)

Orano Sven Bader Advisory Engineer Orano

15:15-16:00 Legal Issues Related to Nuclear Decommissioning
  • Get an overview on the legal issues relating to nuclear decommissioning to understand how to mitigate future risks
  • Hear about the status of state efforts to keep nuclear plants operating through clean energy credits and related Courts of Appeals cases
  • Receive an update on the ongoing NRC decommissioning rulemaking update and the industry’s priority goals

Morgan Lewis Tim Matthews Partner Morgan Lewis

Morgan Lewis Paul Bessette Partner Morgan Lewis

The Kenrich Group Chris Tierney VP & CFO The Kenrich Group

15:00-16:00 Geological Disposal Updates
  • Realize the steps that are being taken at the highest levels of government to facilitate discussions on Yucca Mountain and the potential to move towards a centralized facility in the U.S.
  • Get an update on the efforts to relicense Yucca and the political discussions that are impacting on funding efforts
  • Discuss predictions for the 2019 Nuclear Waste Bills, the chances they have of being approved and their impact on plans for Yucca
  • Hear about progress with international facilities including Finland, Sweden, France and Canada

Duke Energy Steve Nesbit Director, Nuclear Policy and Support Duke Energy

John Kessler President J Kessler & Associates, LLC

Deep Isolation Elizabeth Muller CEO Deep Isolation

16:30-17:30 Elements for Decontamination and Decommissioning Success
  • Strategic planning for moving from nuclear power plant operations into decommissioning, and development of the license termination plan to include site characterization
  • Decisions associated with utilizing DECOM or SAFSTOR, and long-term planning for development of the Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report
  • Nuclear power retirements and decommissioning projects forecast, and finishing decommissioning: getting the spent fuel off-site and into a CISF or repository

US NIC Laurie Ford Snr Fellow US NIC

Duke Energy Rounette Nader Director of License Renewal & Decommissioning Duke Energy

Talisman Larry Camper Snr. Nuclear Safety Consultant Talisman

Edward Davis President & CEO Pegasus

16:30-17:00 HI-STORE Consolidated Interim Storage Facility (CISF)
  • Get an update on the license application for Holtec’s proposed CISF and the timescales for issuance of license
  • Recognize the safety applications for the used fuel storage technology underpinning the proposed facility
  • Understand how local and state support has been continually gained for the facility

Holtec International Joy Russell VP Corporate Business Development & Chief Communications Officer Holtec International

17:00-17:30 SHIPPING SNF: What’s the big deal?
  • What are the technical issues for shipping SNF?
  • What are the regulatory issues for shipping SNF?
  • What are the political issues for shipping SNF?

Edlow International Jack Edlow President Edlow International

17:30-18:00 Comprehensive Decommissioning International, A Fleet Management Approach to Decommissioning
  • Introduction to CDI (Holtec and SNC-Lavalin)
  • The Changing Face of Decommissioning
  • Scaling to Accommodate Multiple Sites

Comprehensive Decommissioning International Mark Morant CEO CDI

17:30-18:00 Mobile Fuel handling and decommissioning; The considerations of portable fuel management
  • Portable facilities lifecycle management
  • Greensite and free release
  • The importance of social license

Jay Harris Consultant, Independent



08:30-08:45 Chairman’s Introduction
08:30-08:45 Chairman’s Introduction

NAC International David Garrido Principal Technical Specialist NAC International

08:45-10:15 Decommissioning Roundtables
  • Choose whether to join the Nuclear Decommissioning or Used Fuel and Waste Management Roundtables
  • Discuss the hottest industry topics and questions with your peers to ensure you come away with the latest industry insight
  • Participate in the live polling and ask questions to the audience through the conference app - no need to put up your hand
08:45-10:15 Used Fuel Roundtables
  • Choose whether to join the Nuclear Decommissioning or Used Fuel and Waste Management Roundtables
  • Discuss the hottest industry topics and questions with your peers to ensure you come away with the latest industry insight
  • Participate in the live polling and ask questions to the audience through the conference app - no need to put up your hand

NAC International Chair: David Garrido Principal Technical Specialist NAC International

10:15-10:45 Introduction to Holtec Decommissioning International
  • Get an introduction to HDI and the work they are completing as a large commercial decommissioning contractor
  • Understand how they plan to optimize decommissioning

Holtec Decommissioning International Pam Cowan SVP and Chief Operating Officer Holtec Decommissioning International

10:15-10:45 Rack, Stack, Pack & Track: U.S. Nuclear Energy Moving & Storage
  • Hear how the latest technology at all stages of the developing U.S. nuclear fuel cycle is being explored to optimize efficiency
  • Hear about two-year pool-to-pad, 45% ISFSI pad reduction, high burnup fuel canister, segmented reactor packaging, radwaste rail transport, and more

Orano Mike Beal Director Business Development Orano

11:15-11:45 Planning and Estimating Commercial Nuclear Decommissioning Projects - Impacts of Historical DCE Assumptions on Your Bottom Line During Project Execution
  • Licensees of US commercial nuclear facilities have relied on the expertise of a handful of consultants that specialized in the creation of Decommissioning Cost Estimates.
  • A DCE is used to meet the obligations of USNRC  10CFR50.75, 10CFR50.82, and various State Regulatory bodies to allocate money to the Decommissioning Trust Fund for eventual use in termination of the license and restoration of the site for reuse.
  • This presentation explores the effect of certain key assumptions in a DCE that can significantly alter the cost and approach to the decommissioning project.

Black & Veatch Richard St. Onge Director - Decommissioning Projects and Operating Plant Technical Services Black & Veatch

11:15-11:45 A Balanced Approach Towards Decommissioning Spent Fuel Management - Considerations from Prompt Defueling, Storage, Transport and Ultimate Disposition
  • Learn some of the key lessons learned from Decommissioning Spent Fuel Storage Projects, emphasizing the need to consider long-term requirements and transportation considerations to achieve spent fuel management life cycle excellence
  • Explain the value of including experienced site staff on the defueling team
  • Hear an overview of recent developments to support transport-readiness regardless of the spent fuel disposition options
  • Receive an update on key storage/transportation projects that demonstrate opportunities to support integrated waste management models

NAC International Juan Subiry VP Market and Product Strategy NAC International

11:45-12:15 Historical Site Assessments (HSAs) that Coordinate MARSSIM and State Regulations: Streamlining the Non-Radiological Site of Site Characterization and Decommissioning for Future Cost Savings
  • Learn why HSAs, which form the basis of the site characterization process, should also include the specific requirements that are unique to state and EPA regulations
  • Hear specific examples of HSAs from Vermont Yankee, Diablo Canyon and Zion that illustrate how incorporating the state regulations into the HSA process streamlines implementation of the site closure
  • Understand how to streamline the Non-Radiological Site of Site Characterization and Decommissioning for Future Cost Savings

Haley & Aldrich Nadia Glucksberg Hydrogeologist Haley & Aldrich

Haley & Aldrich Jay Peters Risk Assessment Practice Leader Haley & Aldrich

11:45-12:15 Can That Assembly Go There? - Automated Spent Fuel Management and SNM Reporting
  • The difference between stewarding a shutdown plant with fuel in the pool, and without fuel in the pool, is Tens of Millions of Dollars per year.
  • End of Life Fuel Management can save your Operations budget by loading casks faster and more efficiently.
  • Software solutions can automate your analysis and SNM reporting to government agencies.

Studsvik A “Art” Wharton III Vice President Market Development Studsvik Scandpower

13:45-14:15 Standardization of Software Suites for Cost-Saving D&D Projects
  • Explore the basic software applications that help make a successful D&D project
  • Examine what makes each of these a productive piece of the puzzle and how they should interact
  • Understand how setting up such a suite will make repeated D&D projects continually more efficient

Attention IT Paul Young Director of IT Services Attention IT

14:15-14:45 The Holy Grail - An Option to Cap Decommissioning Project Cost
  • Hear about the new solution available to reactor owners & decommissioning EPC contractors to manage the vagaries of decommissioning costs against the reality of a fixed decommissioning trust fund, supported by the global leader in nuclear insurance, Munich Re. & the US nuclear industry’s mutual insurer, NEIL
  • Understand how it provides coverage in event cost overruns caused by factors including non-availability of contractors or tools, conflicts between contractors, misdiagnosed estimates of work hours or contamination levels, project management errors & other unplanned changes due to circumstances not within the insured’s control
  • Hear how the underwriting process provides the project owner with support beyond pure insurance to include consulting & development of a loss mitigation strategy based upon more than fifty years of experience in insuring nuclear projects

Marsh Daniel McGarvey Chairman, Power and Nuclear Practice Marsh

neil Michael Kolodner Vice President, Member Insurance Nuclear Electric Insurance Ltd. (NEIL)

Munich Re Markus Koenig Senior Underwriter, Nuclear Munich Re

13:45-14:30 What’s Next for Innovation in Nuclear Waste?
  • Understand how utilities are conceptualizing and thinking outside the box on innovative ways to maximize economic efficiency for waste storage
  • Discuss what’s next for the waste industry in storing, processing and final disposal, evaluating ideas such as the automation of container design and using robotics to seal waste containers more effectively
  • Hear international perspectives on innovative ideas for waste storage, processing and disposal to learn how to maximize cost-efficiencies globally

Ontario Power Generation Aubrey Au Section Manager, Used Fuel Storage Facility Design Ontario Power Generation

Deep Isolation Rodney Baltzer COO Deep Isolation

14:45-15:15 Analysis of Dose Reduction Technology during Decommissioning
  • Hear a task-by-task review of cumulative worker exposure during decommissioning & identify those tasks that are most dose intensive to inform areas for technology development
  • Examine the effects of safe storage and chemical decontamination on radiation exposure during D&D and identify factors that have the most substantial effect on worker exposure
  • Compile lessons learned and radiation protection program elements to maintain radiation dose ALARA during decommissioning

EPRI Richard Reid Technical Executive EPRI

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