Time to take a stand:
A new lease of life for Nuclear Plants

The time has come to take the necessary steps to guarantee your survival and success in the future of nuclear plants.

Utilities are facing pressure to lower costs and improve efficiency all while producing carbon free, clean energy for the citizens of North America. The nuclear legacy deserves to be modernized and brought to the fore of the mix with a fresh, digital image, and opportunities for improvement are plentiful.

This is why the leading nuclear utilities will be at the Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference, as we bring together 200+ leaders from across the core pillars of the digitalization value chain, who each have the responsibility and power to transform their organization – guiding you on your journey to digitalization.

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Time to take a stand: A new lease of life for Nuclear Plants

This year we set out to change the way you experience a nuclear conference. With more engaging and focussed interactive sessions, live demonstrations and opportunities to connect and discuss with peers from all areas and levels of the industry. This is why key figures from all major utilities will be attending in November. Now is the time to join them in revolutionizing the way the world sees nuclear plants.

Join delegations from leading utilities at #NucDigi18:

Industry Leaders Already Confirmed for 2018 Include:

  • Brad Adams
    Brad AdamsVP Engineering
    Southern Nuclear
  • Steven Fox
    Steven Fox Fleet Common Design Manager
    Duke Energy
  • Jim Beardsley
    Jim Beardsley Chief, Cyber Security Branch
    Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response
    Division of Physical and Cyber Security Policy
    U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Jason Wight
    Jason Wight Director of Engineering and Innovation Hub Leader
  • Joe Donahue
    Joe Donahue VP Engineering
    Duke Energy
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There will be Unprecedented Utility Attendance in November, with delegations from:

Take a Look at Who is Attending

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Join 250+ industry pioneers, coming together to drive innovation, efficiency and shared best practice.

Learn across 4 sessions bringing together engineering, IT, data analytics and cybersecurity: be a part of the discussions that will shape your digital strategy

  • Define your modernization strategy:

    Get the inside track on how utilities are undertaking their digital transformation and learn which enablers are key to the improvement and evolution of nuclear plants

  • Future-proof your operations and maintenance:

    Key to safe, sustainable and cost efficient production, hear how embracing digital technologies will reduce nuclear's O&M footprint

  • Refine your vision for I&C digital upgrades:

    Guarantee comprehensive planning and implementation success to allow for faster workflow improvements

  • Data analytics, predictive maintenance and everything in between:

    Hear how leaders in analytics, records and configuration management drive drastic efficiency gains across operational plants by improving data availability, utility and visualization

  • Defense-in-depth cybersecurity strategy:

    Consolidate your security measures on several levels and learn how industry leaders ensure all digital assets are protected from internal and external impediments

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Nuclear Digitalization - Innovation Showcase 2018:


For the first time at #NucDigi2018 we will be hosting an Innovation Showcase!

This is a unique opportunity for organizations and SME's to highlight their latest projects, solutions and technologies that could shape the future of the industry in a series of quick-fire, shark-tank style pitches to our judging panel and audience of industry professionals.

After receiving feedback, join the audience in our interactive polling and voting to cast a broad idea on which technologies are most cost-effective, implementable, and efficient for the industry!

Judging Panel:

Max Sperando
Max Sperando
Innovation Leader
Exelon Nuclear

Chris Comfort
Chris Comfort
Innovation and Technology Manager
Southern Nuclear

Southern Nuclear



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New and Exclusive for 2018:

Expanding on last year’s unique program, the Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference will be overhauling the ways you can be engaged at an event. Designed to ensure you return to the office with fresh new insights and contacts, the additions are all interactive and supported by the industry’s leading organizations.

Cyber Security Strategy & Regulation Workshop:
Hear where best to place your ongoing cyber investment to mitigate risk and understand how regulations are evolving to meet new threats
Implementation Workshops:
Discover how the industry leaders are adopting new technologies in the most cost-effective and efficient ways possible
Interactive Roundtables Sessions
On driving cultural change within organizations to harness the digital revolution
Shark-Tank style Innovation Showcase:
Witness a number of companies pitch their innovative solutions to our panel of expert judges
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