Solutions to drive safety, reliability and economic performance through the digitalization of nuclear power plants

The Annual Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference is the premier global meeting point for the nuclear digitalization community, where insight is shared on using the Digitalization of Nuclear Power Plants to optimize reliability, safety and performance. With digital technologies, data analytics, records management and automated programs all identified by utilities as stand-out contributors for cost reduction, the utilisation of digitalization is key to reducing future operation and production costs.

Have a look at the 2017 agenda below while we create a new agenda for 2018 guaranteed to address your needs and challenges!

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Session 1: Industry Recap and Digitalization Business Case Development
Nuclear Plant Modernization Industry Recap: Where we are and where we are headed
  • Hear an update on how the industry has evolved over the last couple of years and how well Nuclear has implemented modernization initiatives
  • Find out what projects and initiatives are in the works and how these new plans can benefit your digitalization strategy
  • Understand the importance of industry reviews and benchmarking in order to future proof your nuclear plants and optimise performance

Electric Power Research Institute Rob Austen Snr Program Manager I&C, Cyber Security & Software Development Electric Power Research Institute

Embracing digital technologies to reduce the O&M footprint
  • Find out how Southern Nuclear have reduced risks and costs across their fleet through the adoption of digitalization
  • Learn which technologies have been most influential in improving O&M processes
  • Understand the importance of a digital update strategy and why digital technology is more reliable, efficient and safe for operators

Southern Nuclear Brad Adams VP Engineering Southern Nuclear

Panel Discussion: Create and Implement an outstanding digital strategy
  • Learn which players in the industry are leading the way in their implementation of digital technologies and find out how these can apply to your projects
  • Understand which requirements are key to ensure effective implementation and a future proof operational platform
  • Hear how to manage digital transformation with cultural change and how a smooth transition can harness the most benefit both short and long term
  • Understand how utilities are approaching the challenge of creating digitalization strategies, hear how they are being adapted to each reactor and find out where more help is needed
  • Recognize the lessons learned from current implementations and where these are being applied to future projects
  • Hear the work that is being done to ensure the strategy addresses the ever changing and evolving nature of the digital power plant
INPO’s Innovation Hub: An introduction
  • Discover the aims and objectives of the INPO’s recently formed Innovation team and find out how their work can positively impact your nuclear plant operations
Live Session: The Digital Engineering Guide with EPRI and Duke
  • Hear from the institution creating initiatives to help advise on your implementation and development of digital assets
  • Recognize the opportunities available and discover how you can best integrate them into your projects
  • Gain an understanding of how to plan and improve your digitalization strategy, finding out which key milestones you should aim for and how to ensure regulatory compliance with minimal interference
  • Learn more about how change management can be applied to your digital revolution and which elements are key to creating a positive change

Electric Power Research Institute Speaker TBC EPRI

Duke Energy Speaker TBC Duke Energy

Session 2: Cyber Security and Digital Assets Maintenance
Developing an up-to-date Protective Strategy
  • Establish clear methodology for the implementation of a defence-in-depth protective strategy to create a secure but flexible digital network
  • Understand the requirements of Critical Digital Assets (CDAs) and learn which security controls need to be addressed
  • Learn how to effectively implement cybersecurity measures within a planned budget and time
Cyberattack defence processes
  • Understand how to identify cyber attacks and mitigate any critical issues early
  • Learn how to respond to cyber attacks and optimise response to minimise disruption to operations and systems
  • Find out how to mitigate any cyber threat occurrence through efficient preparation and training commensurate with roles and responsibilities of facility personnel
Large Scale Cybersecurity Implementation: Future Proof your security software
  • Discover the keys to seamlessly integrating cybersecurity measures across all your old and new digital platforms
  • Understand how cyber technologies are being created to ensure long term relevance in an evolving nuclear plant
  • Gauge the impact of cybersecurity on your remaining analog instrumentations and how to factor these into a secure transition to digital operations
Discovering INL Cybersecurity Initiatives: Presentation and live Demo
  • Watch as experts from the INL break down the way they approach the risks and challenges of cybersecurity and discover how you can participate in future plans to further enhance nuclear plant security
  • Learn how you can enhance your defence systems against these types of attacks and which measures you should look to implement in the event of an attack
  • Discover the cutting edge resources and talents available to help ensure your safety from online threats
Session 3: Continuing your I&C Evolution
The journey to wed engineering with digital
  • Find out how and IT and engineering teams are converging within utilities to collectively improve their modernization strategy
  • Understand the impact of implementation and how the transition from obsolescent analog systems to digital will improve quality of life from operators to management
  • Learn how to effectively assess the needs of modern instrumentation and develop an effective equipment condition monitoring platform for your network
Embrace big change in I&C
  • Find out new ways that data can transform the way an organization views I&C and learn how to harness the benefits from these new resources
  • Understand how to spot new opportunities for change and how to implement small improvements that will positively impact your operating sites
  • Learn how change management can be a part of your I&C modernization model and which means you can use to optimize adoption of digital technologies
Optimizing the Integrated Control Room
  • Discover how digital communication systems can change the way information is shared across the plant and how this improves synergy across the operating site
  • Recognize the potential of new interfaces and control models and find out how to optimize human interaction with digital platforms
  • Hear how efficient training and preparation and a flexible approach to new updates and upgrades can improve protection against common-cause failure
Session 4: Obtaining and Managing Big Data for Analytics and Transformation
Exploring Data and Disruption for Nuclear Plant Operators
  • Discover how data and digitalization is shaping company strategy across the nuclear industry
  • How can operating companies realize the full potential of digital technology available and transform their businesses into data driven organisations?
  • Get the inside track on which game changing technology - including can wearables, AI, VR, blockchain - will likely be deployed first
Data to enhance Predictive Analytics and new opportunities
  • Discuss the organizational and operational impact of adopting new technologies such as analytics and automation
  • Learn the fundamental elements which are needed to maximize value from predictive analytics platforms
  • Recognize best practices for producers to control to optimize production and detect anomalies using production data and predictive analytics to achieve measurable results
Session 5: Updating your Records Management Processes and Technology Showcase
NIRMA Records Management Panel Discussion
  • Discover the benefits of the ‘Nuclear Specialist’ title and how NIRMA approaches the ever evolving challenges of modern records systems
  • Find out which key drivers are shaping the records management space and how these can be implemented into your network and operating model
  • Learn how to transfer your skills and experience within the nuclear sector to a records management profession
Integrating configuration Management Systems
  • Record management and preservation within a new digital library: Ensuring security, accuracy and consistency in a new age powerplant
  • Learn how integrated configuration management systems are evolving within the nuclear industry and how the industry can attain truly centralized configuration management
  • Learn how an effective transition to an integrated configuration and information management system can create future cost-efficiencies
Shark-Tank style Innovation Showcase
  • Witness a first-time technology showcase where innovative companies will give a quick fire pitch highlighting the benefits brought by their new solutions
  • Hear our world class judging panel discuss the presentations and provide feedback before joining the conversation yourself
  • Use our interactive polling tool to cast your thoughts on how implementable, cost efficient and effective these proposed solutions are and how relevant they are to your needs
  • Discover the digital twin, automation solutions, AR & VR, security drones and more that could revolutionize the way you view your nuclear plants
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