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Derek Valine
Preventative Maintenance Coordinator

John Langskov
Section Leader Preventative Maintenance Programs
Duke Energy

David Thompson
Corporate Radiation Protection Manager
Duke Energy

Pete Muller
Manager Nuclear Productivity/Optimization Programs

Natalie Wood
Vice President
  • Develop industry wide benchmarking programs to identify major cost drivers and key trends in operating costs
  • Streamline work management and maintenance tasks to ensure improved efficiency and reduced downtimes
  • Identify key efficiency measures for your power plant projects from preventative maintenance work orders to training cumulative impact strategies
  • Redesign nuclear power plant processes in line with INPO performance objectives and criteria so you can achieve industry standards of excellence
  • Tackle the growing threat of obsolescence on analogue and digital equipment within aging nuclear plants

The discussion topics covered in the Nuclear Operations and Maintenance Efficiency Summit really reinforced the process improvement initiatives we have underway. Its nice to hear from others who have the same experiences so we can learn from past practice


Take a look at the Nuclear Operations and Maintenance Efficiency brochure here to get the full speaker list and agenda

Take a look at what delegates from 2015 had to say about the Summit:

  • of delegates stated that the conference met or exceeded their expectations
  • of delegates rated the networking opportunities at a 9/10 or 10/10
  • of delegates evaluated the conference content as 9/10 or 10/10

North America’s only forum dedicated to the full scope of Nuclear Promise building blocks

North America’s nuclear operators are partnering on a multiyear strategy to drive safety, reliability and economic performance of nuclear power programs called ‘delivering the nuclear promise’. With a plethora of efficiency measures set to take place in a number of different areas of operation, the O+M Efficiency Summit will take a look into the key areas that can drive performance and ensure nuclear energy facilities are fully recognized for their value.

Session One
Rethinking Nuclear Operating Procedures - The industry is aiming to not only tamper with current operating practice but to completely rethink them. Session one will delve into the challenges and opportunities this creates
Session Two
Efficiency Bulletins - Industry Champion Sessions. Identify the relevant DNP Efficiency Bulletins and find out where you could find massive cost savings for NPP projects
Session Three
Optimizing Costs in the Supply Chain - althought the DNP initiative applies to operating plants, the supply chain will play an important role in delivering efficencies. 
Get the latest agenda, speaker line-up and attendee list here


Discover who you’ll network with at the industry’s #1 meeting point

In 2015, 150 nuclear O+M specialists came together to discuss the most pressing challenges surrounding nuclear O+M. This year, the Nuclear Operations and Maintenance Efficiency Summit is back to provide you with a one-stop shop to reducing operating costs and ‘delivering the nuclear promise’!


Get the latest agenda, speaker line-up and attendee list here


Get the latest on the future of the nuclear industry… Join the co-hosted Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference

Due to popular demand, the Nuclear Operations and Maintenance Efficiency Summit will for the first time be held alongside the Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference! Get the latest updates not only on O+M but also the very latest on the industry’s digital revolution.

The two conferences will be held side by side at the Sheraton Hotel in Charlotte, NC. The Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference will be held across two days on 15-16 November, and the Nuclear O+M Efficiency Summit will be held on the 16 November only.

Don’t forget you can attend both Conferences for a discounted price! Visit the registration page here for further details

Tuesday November 15, 2016
The Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference
  • Improving economic performance through digitalization - delivering the nuclear promise 
  • Reducing labour cost - electronic work packages, remote monitoring, mobile workforce management
Wednesday November 16, 2016
The Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference
  • Combatting high-maintenance equipment costs - using analytics as a core process
  • Cyber security within the nuclear industry - regulatory framework and challenges
The Nuclear O+M Efficiency Summit
  • Keeping nuclear competitive in a changing electricity market
  • Identify improvements to programs in work management, security and engineering
  • Ensuring industry engagement in ‘delivering the nuclear promise’
Get the latest agenda, speaker line-up and attendee list here

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For more information about the either the Nuclear O+M Efficiency Summit or the Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference, please get in touch with Michael Vickery below:

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