Session One: Rethinking Nuclear Operating Practices

Delivering the Nuclear Promise Executive Panel

  • Hear from some of the industry’s leading names on the introduction of the nuclear promise initiative
  • Understand the multiyear strategy designed to transform the industry and ensure the economic viability for nuclear power going forward
  • Gain an insight into the targets set within the nuclear promise and the key building blocks set out by the industry to help achieve them

Natalie Wood, Vice President, NAYGN
Further panellists to be announced shortly

Working Together to Achieve Industry Wide Benchmarking

  • Understand why it is essential to begin programs of benchmarking not only internally on a plant by plant basis but as an industry
  • Gain an insight into how industry wide benchmarking will help identify major cost drivers, trends in operating costs and the root causes of those cost drivers
  • Learn how to gather necessary data so you can perform this type of analysis both within your plant and across the industry
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Session Two: Efficiency Bulletins – Industry Champion Sessions

DNP Efficiency Bulletin Overview Panel

  • Understand how the DNP Efficiency Bulletins will help to increase operational effectiveness while advancing safety at nuclear power plants
  • Hear from various industry champions on the goals for their Efficiency Bulletins so you can learn how to implement these efficiency measures into your NPP
  • Get a chance to discuss the strategic plan with leading experts in their area so you can understand the potential scope of implementation at your plant

David Thompson, Corporate Radiation Protection Manager, Duke Energy
Further panellists to be announced shortly

DNP Efficiency Bulletin 16-04: Source Checking Personnel and Tool Contamination Monitors

  • Gain an insight into the work being done to streamline personnel radiation monitor checks from daily to weekly at NPP radiologically controlled area exits
  • Understand the industry actions that will need to take place within this efficiency bulletin from reviewing any conflicting regulatory commitments to monitoring results
  • Discuss the measures of success for DNP 16.04 so you can understand the potential efficiencies for you plant projects

David Thompson, Corporate Radiation Protection Manager, Duke Energy

Eliminating Administrative Changes to Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

  • Discuss how reducing the amount of paperwork associated with routine preventive maintenance at NPP sites can result in greater efficiency
  • Understand the implications of automated preventive maintenance work orders and other related documentation could result in substantial efficiency and cost savings
  • Gain an insight into how you can eliminate the administrative steps driven by internal and external stakeholders and programs

ERWG Preventive Maintenance PMP-003 and Palo Verde Case Study

  • Understand how implementing the ERWG cost controls will ensure that maintenance strategies are designed to achieve required levels of reliability for optimized costs, including labor, materials, and associated administrative costs
  • Take a look into how these guidelines aim to drive improvements in the cost effectiveness of maintenance programs
  • Identify the barriers to ERWG’s implementation and determine the scalability for industry rollout

John Langskov, Section Leader Preventive Maintenance Programs, APS Palo Verde
Derek Valine, Preventive Maintenance Coordinator, PG&E

Reducing Cumulative Impact from Corrective Action Programs

  • Understand how greater efficiencies can be made by reducing some of the administrative requirements associated with corrective action programs
  • Streamline your corrective action program requirements so you can reduce unnecessary administrative requirements and enable plant managers to use more judgement
  • Gain an insight into how you can implement a more practical and less resource-intensive approach to determine the cause and the necessary corrective actions
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Session Three: Optimizing Costs in the Supply Chain

Effective Management of the Nuclear Supply Chain

  • Address how to effectively develop and maintain nuclear supply chains to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Receive practical insights into the management of supplier performance to ensure improved quality down the entire supply chain
  • Understand the importance of these strategic relationships in reducing departmental costs

Vince Gilbert, Senior Fellow, US Nuclear Infrastructure Council
David Blee, Executive Director, US Nuclear Infrastructure Council
Further panellists to be announced

Industry Obsolescence Management and Equipment Reliability

  • Evaluate implementation of sourcing and sharing strategies at NPPs across the country and how these can be improved
  • Share the best practices and lessons learned on Proactive Obsolescence Management Systems and develop procedures to streamline current utility strategy
  • Discuss feasible participation in group procurement strategies using industry tools for replacement of obsolete parts to guarantee higher volume for lower procurement costs
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Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference (15-16 November, Charlotte NC)

Remember get the platinum pass and you’ll have full access to the Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference and the Nuclear Operations and Maintenance Efficiency Summit!

  • Gain an insight into how the digitalization of nuclear power programs will play a central role in ‘delivering the nuclear promise’, reducing costs and improving economic performance
  • Develop effective strategies to reducing labour costs through digitalization by applying electronic work packages, remote monitoring and mobile workforce management
  • Understand how experience sharing and use of analytics as a core process will combat high-maintenance equipment costs
  • Review The Regulatory Framework for nuclear cyber security so you can remain compliant with 10CFR and NEI 08-09 guidance

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